The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were not able to control their giggles while two women perform a katajjaq, a throat-singing activity in Iqaluit, the Arctic capital of Canada. Being like any ordinary humans, the royal couple was not able to control their laughter and the act was caught on camera.

Charles and Camilla laughed at a katajjaq performance

Prince Charles and Camilla attended Canada’s 150th-anniversary celebration of its independence and the British royals were invited to grace the occasion. As the two women showcased their skill, the Duchess of Cornwall, her face covered with a scarf was giggling during the entire performance.

She turned to Prince Charles who also joined laughing with her. For those who are not used to watching a katajjaq, one will really find it funny. It is considered as one of the oldest forms of music according to Metro. It is also a form of competition in which the last one to sustain his voice is the winner.

The practice is performed by two women who take turns making sounds by inhaling and exhaling and only stopping when one of them misses a beat or runs out of breath. It is more of a skill than a talent because it needs constant practice to master.

British newspapers say that Prince Charles and his wife might be seen as disrespectful of other cultures as reported by Travel & Leisure. The throat-singing is a very difficult skill to master.

The singing duo met with the royal couple after their performance.

The future king broke royal protocol

It was not the first time the future king, the Prince of Wales, broke Royal Protocol during royal engagements. He has been known to dance or fall asleep during special occasions. In fairness to the royal couple, they always maintain dignity and follows royal protocol in all their royal visits.

The few lapses they did were because they are humans too. It just happened that they found the Inuit funny and people seeing a performance for the first time will really laugh in amusement.

While in Canada for his official trip, Prince Charles noted the relevance of the indigenous peoples’ traditions and the vision that helped shape the nation.

He encouraged all the Canadian people in view of the 150th-anniversary celebration to look back and be proud of their past and to look ahead with hope and inspiration.

Prince Charles, the father of Prince William and Prince Harry, is the next successor to the British throne after his mother Queen Elizabeth II. His mother delegated to him various organizations to head when she reached her 90th birthday.