Prince William (the man who would be king) seems to have rocked big weight loss of late. Is he following auntie Fergie on the thin thing? Because he sure looks less Josh Duggar, and more Prince Charles and Princess Di. Shove over, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Princess Eugenie, and make room for Prince William.

Prince William sheds baby fat, at 34

So it took the Duke of Cambridge a while to shed that pubescent belly fluff? It was part of his charm--that eternally elfin face. Peter Pan would envy the visage. And poor guy--being cursed with premature hair loss before 30.

However, marriage to Princess Kate Middleton seems to have allowed him to step firmly and confidently into manhood, and, that boyish cuteness has been replaced with a leaner, longer, masculine frame.

Prince William comes out of shell

Prince William has always seemed overshadowed by his winsome wife. He's used to being in the shadow of dazzling women. Princess Di was the original royal knockout. Then her bizarre, untimely death created a cult following. Polarity was noticed between the arguably plain boy and his worshipped mother. Comparisons were drawn to his handsome father Prince Charles. Even brother Prince Harry seemed to grow into his looks at a faster rate. It wasn't that anyone thought the Duke of Cambridge homely or obese.

He just took a longer time to come into his own. Whereas, his American counterpart Josh Duggar just gets chubbier.

Prince William loses baby fat in pregnancy?

It's a old joke that fathers gain weight with mothers in pregnancy. He seems to have lost weight with the arrival of his kids. The Duchess of Cambridge got her body back pretty quickly after birthing George and Charlotte.

That's likely because she stayed healthy and kept pregnancy weight gain to the required amount. And busy parenthood is enough to keep any body trim (even though the child chasing is done by the royal nanny). So, the handsome prince was found. And like Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom of "Harry Potter"), once found, neither seem to be slowing down anytime soon.