A scandal related to the height of the Prince of Wales, and his first wife has resurfaced. It seems that in all the photo's of the two on stamps, Prince Charles is about a foot taller than Princess Diana. The truth is they were both the same height, five feet and eleven inches tall. Diana has long been dead. And Charles is now married to Duchess Camilla. What then is the purpose of resurrecting this story now, 36 years later?

It is being said, that the prince stood on a box, so he would tower over his princess in the pictures. This must have been done at the time, to downplay how tall Diana was.

According to EVOKE, and MSN Lifestyle, Buckingham Palace released a fake news statement prior to the wedding, saying Charles was an inch taller than his soon-to-be bride.

Royals are always in the news

Royals are always newsworthy. Usually, however, it is because of something going on in the here and now. And not a miniscule issue from close to 40 years ago. At present all eyes have been on Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. It begs the question of why the story has been revived. It's possible not many cared then, and surely even less are interested now, 36 years later. Even so, this blast from the past is making its way across the Internet.

Perhaps this resurrection of an age-old royal scandal is just a way to keep Princess Diana in the limelight for those who hold fond memories of her.

Or it could be to show that the royals alter truth to serve their own purposes. Whatever the reason in 2017, Prince Charles standing on a box in 1981, pales in comparison to scandals in today's news.

Diana will always be the people's princess

For many, Princess Diana will always be considered as the people's princess and will live on through her sons, William and Harry.

Less than 2 months ago, William the heir and his brother Harry the spare commissioned a statue in the likeness of their mother. Her loyal fans are thrilled.

Will news about the true height of Charles and Diana cause Prince Charles to be ashamed? Probably not. Prince Charles is married to the woman he has loved for most of his life, and skeletons from the past more than likely have no effect on him.