Natalie Hage, who was venturing out to Los Angeles for her photo shoot project has documented her disgraceful 'fat-shaming' episode via the social network. The Model said that the man who sat beside her typed mean and horrible messages and sent them to someone named Linda who was trolling her back with disgracing counters.

The man was attempting to make her flight as awkward as possible. Natalie reported that he was interfering with her space and was delving his elbows into her side. Initially, she didn't respond to him in any way remaining in her seat.

Fat girls' problems

Natalie, who defined herself as being extremely flight anxious, said she paid $70 (£54) to fetch extra space since she required more space to breathe properly. Unfortunately, there were just middle row seats accessible in the flight.

The model said she also approached the man to her right side to change seats, telling him about what had happened, however, he just chuckled and refused to snap the seats. The model told that he wrote to his friend in the message that she appeared as though she had eaten a Mexican and a neck stamp on the window has been left by him as she took up excessive space. She was almost positive that it wasn't just a message about her, but that he also took photographs of her.

However toward the end of the flight, as everything turned out to too much to take, Natalie chose to oppose the man making a video of herself conversing with the Passenger.

Applauded for her courage

Afterward, she stood up against that passenger and posted a video of it on Facebook. The model has been hailed on social networking sites for her bold step to stand and confront the unkind passenger, for cracking fat-shaming jokes about her.

In the video, he apologized. However, soon after he said that she ought not to sit on the emergency area as she would be unfit to aid people in the exit. Before getting up and leaving, Natalie concluded her conversation with the passenger by adding confidently that her body is not his business to worry about and to never treat someone like that again.

Her video post has received more than 7,000 likes by the users. On Facebook, Ms. Hage has been applauded for her courage and for being a bold woman.

Natalie expresses gratitude to supporters

Ms. Hage has expressed gratitude toward people who supported her in the fallout of the occurrence. She thanked everybody who sent her the messages and comments on her courageous step. She posted on Instagram that she had to talk up for seeing so much support from the people. She was so tired of seeing fat people used as a punching bag on social media and hoped that the fella might have learned something from this encounter. Cheers to Natalie for her courage!