During a second foreign trip, President Trump made a speech at Warsaw's Krasiński Square. Despite the fact that most experts expected the statements of the American leader about the position of the West, a significant part of his speech was a retelling of the Polish version of history, praising Poland and reminding them about the need to combat terrorism and cyber crimes.

The main goal of the presidency is to ensure the security of the American people and make the U.S. secure for a living, said his wife Melania on the eve of Trump's speech, setting out the main message of the President's speech.

America loves Poland

According to Trump, the American delegation came to Warsaw to say something very important, that America loves Poland and the Poles. At the same time, the American leader noted the presence on the square of both the current President Andrzej Duda and the former President Lech Walesa, the man who helped in bringing down communism in Eastern Europe.

Briefly touching on the issue of the presence of the US military in Poland, Trump noted that they ensured the security of not only the Republic but all of the Europe. Trump also assured that the United States wants to provide Central and Eastern European countries with access to alternative energy sources.

Trump called Poland a 'symbol of hope'

According to President Trump, "Poland is a symbol of hope for America," and the both countries firmly link history and national character, as Americans and Poles fought together and died for freedom.

After saying that the Poles never forgot who they are in their struggle for independence, Trump had to interrupt the speech because of the enthusiastically chanting his name of the crowd.

The listeners repeatedly interrupted the American leader, shouting thanking words, in particular during the historical part of his speech.

The fight against terrorism and the criticism of NATO

Trump's speech, mostly based on historical events in Poland, was interspersed with praise and vague promises to Warsaw. So, speaking about the confrontation of the Poles and communism, President Trump stated that Poland won, and Poland would always win.

By the end of the speech, Trump voiced a number of theses, which to some extent meet the expectations of experts. Among other things, Trump assured that the West is interested in strong Poland.

"A strong Europe is a blessing for the West and for the world," he said, commenting on Warsaw's position in NATO. Trump noted that the US welcomes new citizens, but the borders will be closed to terrorists and radicals.