Donald Trump's handshakes are something many key figures in the world aren't fond of. He has a way of pulling, yanking, and extending the physical greeting to a ridiculous degree.

Eager to show his dominance, the president randomly goes for an aggressive handshake that often makes the other person wince -- albeit diplomatically. Trump is usually more gentle with the women he meets on the global stage and isn't quite as abrasive in that regard. Then there's the awkward misses he's made trying to hold his wife's hand.

The president and Melania Trump made headlines several times while they visited the Middle East and Italy.

The first lady publicly denied her husband's hand when he attempted to hold hers. He was left embarrassed in Poland on Thursday when he made another miss, this time with Poland's first lady.

Polish first lady dismisses Trump's handshake

According to TMZ, the president and Melania stood onstage with Poland's President Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. Donald Trump first gave a handshake to President Duda that went great, but his attempt at shaking his wife's hand was snubbed. Agata walked right by Trump to shake Melania's hand. The look on Trump's face was an embarrassment. As the video shows, the humiliation was momentary. After Agata and Melania greeted on another, Agata shook Donald's hand.

Was diss on purpose?

It's unclear if the Polish first lady dismissed Trump's handshake on purpose or if she simply wanted to greet Melania at the same time the two presidents were interacting. Either way, the president appeared disenchanted at that exact moment.

If Agata isn't a fan of the U.S. president, it could've been her way to slight him without it being called out as a personal affront.

President stirs public with seemingly trivial gestures

Whenever Donald and Melania Trump are traveling abroad, their body language with each other and with those around them make the news. It's the little things that seem to garner a great deal of interest with this couple -- perhaps because they're intriguing in having no political background and their marriage is usually up for interpretation.

Trump has a hard time relating to world leaders when it comes to diplomacy and protocol, which makes the type of exchange he had with Agata Duda all the more profound and somewhat humorous.

Do you think Poland's first lady purposely avoided Donald Trump's handshake to greet Melania?