President Trump believes that it would be too premature to show any kind of relaxation on the sanction that has been imposed by the US on Russia. The imposition of this sanction has taken place because of Russian Annexation Of Crimea. Trump stated that the sanction would remain until the conflict between Syria and Ukraine is resolved. Both President Putin and President Trump had a meeting, which allowed Mr. Trump to take the decision of working in a constructive way with Russia.

Russia’s view on the matter

The Russian point of view on this matter has also come into play.

In this case, the words of the international parliamentary spokesperson of Russia, Konstantin Kosachev are very important. He is of the opinion that their policy on Ukraine and Syria would never be determined by the pressure of the sanction that is being applied by the US. Kosachev pointed out that the policies of the US towards Russia would play no role in determining the international relation requirements. Rather, the confrontation between Mr. Trump and the Congress, as well as the domestic policies of US government, would help in determining it.

Sanctions on Russia to remain until Moscow reverses its actions

In order to take the initial step in this matter, the Secretary of State of the US, Rex Tillerson had visited Ukraine.

He also made a call to Russia so that they take this initial step to stop the separatist conflict that exists in Eastern Ukraine. The secretary of the United States is of the opinion that currently, it is in the hands of Russia to make the Minsk Peace agreement. The peace agreement in this regard has been fully implemented on Ukraine.

There are several reasons behind the conflict that is going on between Ukraine and Syria. First of all the war between Ukraine and Syria resulted in the Russian annexation of Crimea, in the year 2014. Secondly, it has been pointed out that the Russian military had supported the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

US Senators overwhelmingly supported the sanctions

The sanctions that have been applied by the US on Russia had received an overwhelming support from the US senators. The overwhelming support was there even though there had been an alleged interference regarding this matter during the previous US election. Moreover, the US senators also ensured that President Trump could not find any way to scale back these sanctions that have been imposed on Russia. Therefore, they had set up a process with the help of the Congress. It would block any attempt by the US president, of scaling back the sanction.