Endless War In Syria doesn't allow the world to experience undisturbed peace. The most influential politicians and leaders in charge of today's geopolitics recognize it clearly as one of the deadliest tragedies in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Many people sense something is wrong. There are good reasons to be alarmed.

Total disaster in Syria

Syrian conflict began in 2011 and it is far from over. Ongoing Civil War has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. More than 400 000 Syrians have lost their lives according to estimates from humanitarian agencies.

However, these figures do not fully reflect the true face of this war. In fact, the situation is much more dramatic because 11 million people fled their homes and 14 millions are in need of humanitarian assistance or live only through it. Families are struggling to survive inside the syrian region. There are reports of starvation of thousands of people. Aleppo, once Syria’s largest metropolis, has become a ruin. Now it is called the worst place in the world. Socially and economically country has been completely destabilized.

President Bashar al - Assad and his alawite elite continue to experience constant uncertainty for the seventh year. Russian military intervention is the only hope for powerless Assad and his only chance of survival in this warzone.

Putin saved his life.

Geopolitical manipulation

The problem is that war in Syria has little to do with the collapse of another Middle East dictatorship to liberate millions of innocent human lives from suffering, as it is presented by the Western propaganda machine. Also russian official reason to engage in Syria due to fighting terrorism is not convincing at all.

These explanations would be too simple to believe because this is very complex issue. It has been known for some time that greatest of the world are involved in Syrian Land. Major media recognize the Syrian state as "the area where the interests of superpowers clash." But this expression is vague and devoid of details. I would say every journalist from the mainstream media is afraid to write TRUTH, because it is difficult to accept and it may cause unrest among the public.

So what is going on?

Civil war in Syria is one of geopolitical games by which super-mighty states compete for control over our planet. This time story is thrilling and the situation is very serious. Central point of this mess is, of course, powerful United States. But dominance of America is no longer the case. Since last 15 years decline of American Empire has been accelerating. Economic recession, huge national debt and political chaos have caused substantial erosion of American Empire. It is something so-called enemies of USA has been waiting for a long time. Now they smell blood in the water. Many people think that hegemony of Great America comes to an end.

USA vs enemies

Putin in one of his interviews evaluated present position of USA very diplomatic statement that “the global balance of power is gradually being restored.

And it's inevitable. Attempts to create unipolar world failed to establish it. We already live in a different dimension." He suggested Americans to accept the reality of losing their leader status. Everyone knows Washington is not interested in that option. American establishment implemented risky and confrontational strategy to maintain its status quo. It is basically to eliminate ideological and economic foes. First on the blacklist are Putin and Assad. To make things happen United States use proxy war in Syria and Ukraine to destabilize Russia zone of influence and cause some form of spreading chaos in hostile lands. This method is very sneaky and it is nothing new. War in Afghanistan in 80’s had the same purpose.

Ultimately it contributed to collapse of Soviet Union. Syrian conflict has similar potential to turn the world upside down. Living under severe pressure Assad is aware of that and accused Americans of “seeking to enforce global dominance by unleashing war and havoc on countries who oppose it”.

This is how brutal geopolitics looks. No offense to the United States, but they are fighting to keep their empire. Meanwhile, Russia and Putin protect its own strategic interests. The red line has not been crossed yet, but it is approaching. America's behavior in Syria is provocative, while Russia establishes a greater military presence in the region. Both sides aren’t going to back down. Further escalation of conflict seems to be only a matter of time...