If you think you had a bad day, then you haven't' heard what happened to a man who was accidentally trapped inside an ATM machine. The incident happened in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday, July 12.

The repairman is an employee who was working on the automated teller machine (ATM), according to CNET. He was trapped inside while fixing the door of the faulty machine. He thought of ways to free himself and in the end, he came up with an effective plan to be rescued.

Trapped in an ATM

The man slipped a note through the receipt slot to ask for help.

The note said, "Help, I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone. Please call my boss." ATMs usually spit out money, but this time, instead of just money and transaction records, customers received an additional piece of paper that contained a plea for help.

He slipped a note through several times when people used the machine to withdraw some money. The repairman had left his phone in his truck and he is lucky that he remembered the phone number of his boss.

Odd job for the repairman

The stuck man is a repairman who was doing some work inside the machine which was not working properly. This incident should remind everyone of the importance of old school pen and paper in our digital age because the pen and paper in his pockets saved the day.

However, it took some time for him to be rescued, according to the police report. A number of people received the note along with their transaction record but dismissed it and thought of it as a joke. According to Corpus Christi police officer Richard Olden, despite a few failed attempts a concerned citizen finally called the police after they saw the note coming out of the ATM's receipt slot.

Even the authorities doubted the authenticity of the note but they went to the area to check the situation and true enough, there was a voice coming from inside the Atm Machine. It was, however, very faint so that could be the reason why some customers earlier did not believe what they saw on the note.

In order to save the repairman, the police kicked at the faulty door lock.

Ironically, the door lock was the reason why the ATM needed some fixing in the first place. The faulty lock, however, which had not previously functioned properly, suddenly worked when the repairman was still inside the machine.

The incident was resolved peacefully but the police officers were amazed by the rarity of the situation and were quoted as saying "it was just crazy." This unfortunate fiasco could be the reason why some people did not believe it at first. It's a good thing the authorities went by to check, despite doubting the story themselves.