President Donald Trump and French leader emmanuel macron discussed the questions of trade and climate change, as well as the current situation with Russia and Syria. Donald Trump and his wife Melania came to Paris for two days to find the solutions for the different points of view of the two leaders and to participate in the French National Day Parade for Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

Since yesterday morning, before going to the presidential palace, Trump has visited the U.S. Ambassador’s residence, attended a luncheon with U.S. military leaders, the golden-domed Invalides monument and many other places of interest.

Attitude to Russia was expressed

According to The Washington Post, a news conference is being held after the meeting of the US and French presidents. Nevertheless, many anti-Trump protests and demonstrations in Paris evidenced that the public is against Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Some people came to the action with placards with Trump's name crossed out and shouted that they want him to leave his post. However, the action on the Republic Square was quite peaceful and without serious incidents.

Moreover, the question about Donald Trump Jr. and his meeting with a Russian lawyer to get harmful information about Hillary Clinton also appeared during the news conference.

Nevertheless, Trump simply answered that almost every person would have attended such a meeting.

President Trump added that lawyer wasn’t a government worker, but a private attorney. Emmanuel Macron said about the importance of maintaining the contacts with Russia, no matter how different their positions are. He noted that France has special close relations with the US, while nothing same with Russia, but, at the same time, he intended to "continue direct communications" with Russian authorities as now it was necessary to work together.

Solutions to the crisis in Syria and attempts against terrorism

According to French President Macron, now they have almost the same view about the stability and situation in the Mideast. The leaders of the two nations decided to take part in the project of a post-war map for Syria.

Although the Paris climate agreement was the toughest question, Macron announced that they both had agreed on the best way to fight “a global threat with enemies who are trying to destabilize us.”

President Trump claimed the US and French different positions on a number of questions had been no more than “occasional disagreements” and stressed that their friendship has been lasting since the American Revolution, noting the fact that France did much to help the US to achieve their independence.

On Thursday evening Donald and Melania Trump were invited at the Eiffel Tower to a private "dinner among friends” with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron in the Jules Verne restaurant. President Donald Trump said that evening was "very nice," as well as his whole trip to France.