In an unfortunate event, a 14-year old girl from Lovington, New Mexico, succumbed to death because of electrocution while using her cellphone in a bathtub. It was a regular Sunday for Madison Coe and her family when the incident occurred. The teen, a resident of Lubbock Texas, recently graduated from eight grade to ninth at Terra Vista Middle School.

Teen dies while using cellphone in the bathtub

According to the Teen’s mother and grandmother, she was in the bathtub at the time of her death. Thus, the death could have occurred either when her phone was plugged into the socket or when Madison grabbed the phone while it was plugged in.

Her relatives believe that the latter was possibly responsible for the teens’ death as a burn mark was found in her hand.

Officials from Friendship Independent School District said that with a heavy heart they mourn the loss of Madison Coe. Before this incident took place, she was expected to start her high school in Houston, as her family was shifting.

The teenager’s grandmother Donna O'Guinn said that the girl was her “shining star” and Madison was wiser than her age. She also shared that Madison was a smart girl who loved life and was an excellent student. The unexpected death at such a tender age has left her family, friends, and also the community in shock. The teen was the number one chair with her tuba in her school band and was also a basketball player.

Family warns others of dangers of electricity usage in bathroom

As the family struggle with the loss of their beloved daughter, they are also on a mission to spread awareness about electricity usage in the bathroom and to make people aware that this terrible accident can happen to anyone. Madison’s family are trying their best to make people aware of the risks they would be taking by using electrical appliances in the bathroom and is trying to make sure that such incidents do not happen again.

The family is now trying to discourage people from using their cell phones in the bathroom while it is plugged on to the electrical socket to charge.

They also assert that even if the smartphone carries an IP67 or IP68 certification rating, one should not use it during their bath or while taking a shower, unless the handset is unplugged and disconnected from any electrical source. They have started the awareness drive through Facebook where the news of the accident continues to be read and shared. Hopefully, the incident will deter others from using cellphones in the bath.