Four Pennsylvania men recently went missing and family members were desperately trying to find some clue as to their whereabouts. However, the Police authorities on Friday confirmed that the bodies of all four of the men were recovered after the murderers confessed to their heinous crimes and offered the authorities the exact locations were the bodies were hidden. The murders were termed as marijuana deals that ended in tragedy.

The four men aged between 19 and 22 were all killed by two 20-year old men, named Cosmo Dinardo and Sean Kratz. Authorities charged them with multiple counts of homicide and other charges after they confessed to the killing and also revealed chilling details regarding how the crimes were committed and how the bodies were hidden.

How the murders took place

Dinardo revealed that the first person that he murdered was 19-year-old Jimi Patrick on July 5. The victim was supposed to buy $8,000 worth of marijuana from the accused and had arrived at the farm, owned by Dinardo’s parents. However, Dinardo revealed that Patrick arrived with just $800. Dinardo offered Patrick his shotgun in exchange for $800, but not the marijuana. The two then drove to a spot farther away, where Patrick was handed the shotgun, while Dinardo shot and killed him using a rifle. Patrick’s body was buried at that spot.

Two days after killing Patrick, Dinardo and Kratz took 19-year old Dean Finocchiaro to the same farm for a drug deal but shot and killed him as well.

Dinardo states that Kratz fired upon the victim while Kratz revealed that it was Dinardo who shot Finocchiaro. The body was then dumped inside a metal tank on the farm.

The same night, the two accused were scheduled to have a drug deal with 21 year old Thomas Meo. When the duo met up with Meo, he was with his friend, 22-year old Mark Sturgis in their vehicle.

They followed Dinardo and Kratz to the farm for scoring marijuana. Once there, Dinardo claimed that he opened fire on Meo and also shooting at Sturgis, who tried to flee. However, both were eventually killed and dumped in the same metal tank alongside Finocchiaro’s body. The tank was then burned to remove all evidence of the crime.

Charges against the two accused

Both Dinardo and Kratz face a long list of charges which include first degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and conspiring to commit criminal homicide. They are currently being held without bail. However, even after recording their confessions, the authorities were unsure why the homicides were committed as they did not find any motive behind the crimes.