Two boys were killed by electrocution after a storm downed Power Lines near Oakland Lake Park in Forth Worth on Wednesday night. They have been identified as 12-year-old Alex Lopez and his brother, 11-year-old Isaiah Lopez. Speaking for the Fort Worth Fire Department, Lt. Kyle Falkner said the two boys were killed when they encountered the downed power lines in what is described as a heavily wooded area. WFAA-TV reported that Isaiah had died while trying to save his older brother, Alex.

Firefighters and paramedics tried to help the boys

As reported by the Star-Telegram, firefighters were called to the scene – close to Interstate 30 and Oakland Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas – at around 6:15 p.m.

on Wednesday. This was after a witness had reported two children being electrocuted near the park. According to officials when the firefighters arrived, the downed power lines were still live and arcing and a grass fire was in progress. Workers with Oncor reportedly arrived to cut power to the downed lines, which then allowed firefighters and paramedics to access the two boys. However, they were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Wednesday’s storm likely downed the power lines

According to Falkner, a severe storm that blew through the area earlier on Wednesday had likely downed the power lines, but he did say on Thursday that Oncor is still investigating the incident. Oncor reportedly said in a statement that the incident was a tragic accident and that the company is working with officials to determine the cause.

The statement went on to say that the safety of both their customers and employees is paramount and they sent heartfelt messages to the family. They also urged the public to treat every power line they see as it if it energized.

Both Alex and Isaiah were students of the International Leadership of Texas charter school and reportedly guidance counselors have been made available to help students and staff after the tragic incident.

Thunderstorms are as dangerous as tornadoes

Meanwhile Forbes reports on the fact that thunderstorms can be just as dangerous as tornadoes.

They gave the example of a house in Rockwall, Texas that was totally destroyed by the same storm that hit Fort Worth. There were reportedly several homes destroyed in the town by the 95 mph winds that accompanied that storm.