In an incident of love gone awry, a Pennsylvania woman allegedly set her beau on fire while he was sleeping. She then deployed not water, but urine to douse the flames. The bizarre act of violence was committed by 38-year old Leigh Ann Sepelyak, who is a resident of Penn Hills. Sepelyak has been charged with attempted homicide and arson.

Boyfriend set on fire; urine used to douse flames

The Penn Hills Police arrived at the house on Lime Hollow Road for a domestic dispute. According to the law enforcement officials, Sepelyak - after getting embroiled in an argument with her Boyfriend - poured gasoline on him, lit a cigarette and put the mattress on fire after he went to sleep.

Police chief Howard Burton stated that the incident took place in the basement where the 38-year old lived with her boyfriend.

After catching fire, the boyfriend woke up and jumped out of the bed while the woman grabbed a bucket full of urine and threw it on him to douse the flames. The couple was using the bucket as a toilet as they did not want to disturb the woman’s parents upstairs to use the bathroom. The couple has been living in the basement of Leigh Ann’s parent’s house.

The parents heard the screams of the boyfriend when he caught fire. According to the police, the man was taken to UPMC Mercy with burns covering 25-30 percent of his body. Although he was in critical condition, the injuries do not appear to be too grave and life-threatening, said the police.

Woman’s mother and boyfriend contradict reports of homicide

Reporters went to the Pennsylvania woman’s home to find a box spring and mattress on the curb of the road. A woman who identified herself as Leigh Ann’s mother said that the boyfriend fell asleep while smoking a cigarette, which is why the mattress caught fire. Grady Spencer, who identified himself as the boyfriend, contacted the reporters via email and stated that his girlfriend rather than attempting to kill him had saved his life.

Spencer supported the explanation Sepelyak’s mother gave and was quoted saying that he was “tinkering with a weed wacker” on his bed. While pouring alcohol, he spilled some on himself and lit a cigarette. He was so inebriated that he went to sleep with the lit cigarette and the mattress caught fire. Spencer was grateful to his girlfriend for dousing the fire and saving him.

However, the girlfriend was arrested by the police and released on bail. The case will go to court, and the hearing is slated for July 17.