An unidentified woman was beaten, and the incident was broadcast via Facebook Live. Before the beating, she was allegedly forced to do oral sex on one of the assailants inside the home where the attack took place.

Three teenagers were arrested in connection with the incident. According to ABC 7, no one called the police even though a lot of Facebook users were watching the incident take place. Police officials said that the video has since been taken down but a copy was uploaded again. The copy received more than 48,000 views. The attack took place in Harrison County, Mississippi.

Details about the suspects

Three suspects were arrested, Kadari Fabien Booker and Ezzie Johnson (17), as well as 19-year-old Haleigh Alexis Hudson. Hudson was the one who punched the victim on the head repeatedly, according to the Facebook Live video.

All of them have been charged. and according to the New York Post, Johnson, who allegedly recorded the incident will be charged as an adult. Hudson faces kidnapping and sexual battery charges, Booker was charged with felony kidnapping and sexual assault, while Johnson faces kidnapping charges.

What happened in the video

The video posted in Daily Mirror, showed the victim sitting on a couch. Around seven people were seen inside the home together with the victim. Hudson started the fight as she could be heard taunting the victim.

Hudson asked at one point before the beating, “You ready to get your ass beaten?”

Hudson then started to hit the victim on the head and someone tried to stop the fight. The one who filmed the incident cheered the fight on and said, “Don’t break it up, don’t break it up.” The person who tried to stop the beating was not successful in their attempts to stop Hudson who continued to beat the victim.

The woman could later be heard crying while Hudson continued to beat her.

Towards the end of the video, the victim tried to leave but the doors were locked. According to reports, she was earlier forced into having oral sex with one of the men in the room. Johnson was the one who videoed the oral sex. A[parently that video too was posted somewhere online.

The other people who were there also watched the victim perform oral sex on one of the men but they all left. At one point the victim and the unidentified man were the only people left inside the bathroom.

Reports say that Hudson demanded that the victim perform oral sex again in order to get more viewers on Facebook Live. She refused and a man asked if she was ready to go home. Allegedly, Hudson said that the victim will not go anywhere until her throat swells up.

The New York Post also reported that "other users on Facebook said the victim has special needs. Papania said those claims would be investigated and said additional charges of abusing a vulnerable adult would be filed if confirmed."