An Australian woman, who hated the gun culture in the United States, called 911 on Saturday to report a possible assault. When police arrived, they reportedly shot the Australian woman, and she died as a result.

The woman called the police at around 11:30 PM. Officials kept the woman’s identity under wraps but other ABC News reported that KSTP News had identified her as Justine Damond (40). Her maiden name was Justine Ruszczyk but she decided to use her American fiancé’s last name.

What caused the shooting?

Star Tribune reported that Damond walked up to two officers who were inside a squad car.

She had no weapon on her and talked to the driver of the squad car. Later, the officer who sat in the passenger seat fired his gun from inside the car and shot Damond.

The two officers involved have not been identified, and have been placed on paid administrative leave. According to ABC News, the police force in the area have no answers yet as to what took place before Damond was shot. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is now investigating the incident and noted that they are still in the early stages. According to Reuters, the officers' body cameras were not switched on. Police have apparently checked the and squad car footage to determine more, but nothing else has been revealed at this time.

Minneapolis mayor asks for answers

Reuters reported that Minneapolis mayor, Betsy Hodges, said in a statement that she was deeply disturbed after what happened. She said that she, too, has a lot of questions such as why their body cameras were not on and why was the Australian woman shot even as she was the one who called 911.

Victim was getting married next month

Damond was set to get married next month. She did not want to be in the United States due to the gun laws in the country but she had to move because of her fiancé. Her fiancé’s son, 22-year-old Zach, said that his mother is dead because police shot her for reasons he does not yet know. He is also demanding answers.

Her fiancé, 50, said he was heartbroken over her death. He was away for a business trip when the killing took place. His son fetched him from the airport hours after the shooting. He added that they have not been provided with any additional information regarding the case.

Her family released a statement saying they are going through a difficult time and they are still trying to come to terms with the tragic event in their lives.

Around 300 people gathered for a vigil after Damond was fatally shot. Many called her kind and a positive light to many. She worked as a yoga teacher.