Due to their busy schedules and reluctance to find the time actually to meet up, two students have now caught the eye of the public as their unique Tinder Love Story went viral. Most people who use the popular dating app may exchange messages for a few weeks before meeting up, while some meet up right away to see if there is a connection. However, for Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, both students at Kent State University in Ohio, it has taken them three years to meet up in person.

Viral relationship

Josh and Michelle probably hold some record for the longest time to reply to messages.

They both replied to each other's messages after months of reading them, which they then kept up for over three years. The couple found creative excuses for their late replies but still persevered in keeping in touch even after all these years. The bizarre relationship then went viral when the 22-year old Josh posted their conversation on social media. People quickly took a liking to the unique situation and shared Josh's post. The 21-year old Michelle was not aware that Josh had shared their conversation but later revealed that she enjoyed how people had reacted to their situation.

Started as a joke

Both students initially made a running joke out of how long they took to reply to each other's messages.

However, that all changed when Josh shared their conversation online. Tinder quickly noticed the situation and posted a tweet of their offering to sponsor both the students' first date. The company told the couple to select any city they want and that they would pay for their dream first date. Josh and Michelle finally decided to have their first date in Maui, Hawaii.

Tinder offered Josh and Michelle an all expenses paid dream first date in any city of their choosing.

Meeting for the first time

Before their first dream date, the couple was invited to go on Good Morning America, where they would meet in person for the first time.

Both answered a series of questions that tested their compatibility. After the questioning, both students finally laid eyes on each other for the first time and exchanged a hug. Josh exclaimed that he was very happy to finally meet Michelle in person and that he was excited to be going on a date with her. Their meetup quickly went viral as well with fans now wanting to know the outcome of their casual first proper date in Hawaii.

Watch Josh and Michelle meet for the first time on the show Good Morning America.