“The Bachelorette” season 13 kicked off with a quite an entertaining premiere night as this season’s 31 bachelors tried to impress the 32-year old attorney from Dallas, Texas, Rachel Lindsay. Lindsay is a veteran of the highly popular reality television show as she was actually the second runner-up on “The Bachelor” season 21, which featured Nick Viall. Lindsay is also the show’s first African-American lead since the franchise started back in 2003.

A unique premiere night

The show originally debuted its first episode, titled “Week 1: Season Premiere,” last week.

Prior to the premier event, Linsday brought her dog, Copper, as she met up with former Bachelor contestants. Among the 31 men that arrived to greet Lindsay, several contestants stood out due to their unique presentations.

Bryan impressed Lindsay by speaking Spanish and giving her an unexpected kiss. Bryce arrived wearing a firefighter's uniform, while Jonathan showed his playful side by tickling her. Adam brought along a puppet to entertain the bachelorette, while Lee breaks out a guitar to serenade her. At the end of the event, eight contestants were eliminated with Bryan receiving the first impression rose.

According to a report from Essence, Linsday was wearing a one-off Randi Rahm dress that weighed a whopping 25 pounds.

The designer reportedly spent over 150 hours in making the gown, which featured hand-sewn crystals and beads.

Bold gestures and falling in love

After the premier night was through, Linsday revealed that she actually liked Bryan’s bold gesture. She mentioned that it was exactly what she did when she was a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

During an interview with People, Linsday almost couldn’t control herself in revealing who she ultimately chose at the end of the show.

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The University of Texas graduate did reveal that she is definitely in love and that she is definitely engaged. Linsday also proclaimed that she is really having a hard time trying to be composed and not to immediately just scream out how she feels.

Latest predictions

Despite her excitement for everyone to find out who she ultimately chose, Lindsay still kept her mouth shut during her different interviews.

When she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host of the show kept trying to make her spill the beans. In the end, Kimmel finally revealed to Lindsay his pick for who had received the final rose. According to the Kimmel, Lindsay probably chose Peter in the end due to the way she looked at him when he got out of the limo and how they both have a gap in their teeth.

"The Bachelorette" returns with a new episode tonight, Monday, on ABC.