Similar to free-to-play mobile video games with built-in microtransactions, the highly popular dating app, Tinder, is now experimenting with a new paid system within its app that will make it easier for paying users to find their mister or miss right. The company has just revealed in a new announcement that it is, in fact, testing out a new paid subscription option within its app called “Tinder gold.”

Ironing out the kinks

According to a recent post on Tinder’s own official blog, “Tinder Gold” will be undergoing beta testing in the “coming days” in four specific countries.

The blog revealed that the paid subscription option will be rolling out to users in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and Australia. The company then plans to release the service to the rest of the world’s users once they fix all of the feature’s possible issues.

Paying to win

As outlined in the company’s post, “Tinder Gold” will be coming with seven exclusive features that will be giving users a big advantage over non-paying members. The exclusive features include a “Passport,” access to the “Rewind” feature, a single “Boost” per month, Unlimited Likes, access to the “Likes You” feature, five “Super Likes” per day, and unlocked user profile customization options.

Paying to get ahead

Having access to a “Passport” will let users visit any location around the world without being physically there.

This allows users to find possible matches in a specific area prior to their actual arrival. The “Rewind” feature allows users to backtrack through their swipes in case they want to change their minds. “Super Likes” and “Boosts,” which are already available within the app as paid extras, will be bundled in with the “Tinder Gold” subscription.

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The “Likes You” feature allows users to see if a person/profile they are currently looking at has already liked them. This makes it easier for users to find immediate matches without having to wait. All “Tinder Gold” subscribers will also get an unlimited amount of likes to give out per day without any restrictions.

Tinder has yet to reveal exactly how much the new premium service will cost.

However, given the immense popularity of the app and its huge user base, the new service will likely give Tinder a huge new source of income. While some users might be put off by the “Pay To Win” strategy, other will likely not mind forking out some of their hard-earned cash in order to successfully find that perfect date.