Jared Kushner is making news on Monday for speaking publicly at the White House since entering politics. He's in the middle of a Russia investigation and has maintained a relatively low profile in recent weeks, but emerged for a different reason altogether on Monday. President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser broke his silence when he talked to a roomful of tech CEOs about how to make government run more efficiently when it comes to technology.

Hear Jared speak at White House

Kushner revealed in his introductory remarks that the "goal here is simple" to "improve" the daily lives of America's average citizen, a "core promise" that the Trump administration intends to keep.

He went on to say that the mission is to allow creativity of the private sector to give citizens services in a manner that hasn't been seen before.

Trump delegates massive tasks to Kushner

Trump has delegated a number of tasks to Jared Kushner that range from peace talks with the Middle East to reinventing the whole executive branch of the United States government. He has a huge role in the Trump administration but isn't one to get caught up in the publicity. In a way, it's stirred up a lot of interest in this person that has become almost mysterious.

Kushner enthusiastic about progress

Daily Mail reports that the gathering was held at the Indian Treaty Room in the Old Executive Office Building. Leading techs like Apple's Tim Cook and Paypal founder, Peter Thiel, were in attendance of the meeting as Kushner told them they convened to "work to modernize the government's technology infrastructure." The White House pool reporters explained that Kushner was surprised to see that the work force wasn't resistant to change, which he mistakenly believed upon entering government.

Jared Kushner expressed enthusiasm for the progress he's seen and feels encouraged. He discussed outdated technology and that some were still depending on floppy disks before adding that a new set of start-ups will zone in on government technology in an effort to "making government more transparent and responsive to citizens' needs." The 36-year-old expressed appreciation to the Veterans Administration for deciding to switch to a system of electronic health records.

He said that the VA would have another "big announcement" by the end of this week.

Ignores negative press

Ivanka Trump was in attendance as her husband talked at the meeting. Kushner isn't known for being accessible to the press, rarely granting interviews or taking on public speaking engagements. Speculative reports surround him every day, but he's not inclined to react to any of them. His wife said in a recent interview that he doesn't pay much attention to the negative feedback from the media and that he "loves his job" as Trump's senior adviser.