Ivanka Trump's praise of jared kushner on Father's Day was met with prison jokes on Twitter. The message that the president's daughter tweeted wasn't just heaping praise on Kushner as a dad, but her own father. Several responded by telling Ivanka that her husband and father are nothing more than criminals who'll be going to prison.

Father's Day tweet turns into prison joke

Someone responded to Ivanka Trump's tweet by saying Jared Kushner will probably look as good in orange as her father does. Jared's dad, Charles Kushner, was named in a tweet as well about going to jail -- something that actually occurred after he served time in federal prison for tax evasion and witness tampering.

Ivanka's tweets are typically greeted with venom as liberals and opponents of her father's administration lash out. Trump's daughter made her way into Washington, D.C.

quite effortlessly and she's taking a lot of heat for it. She said in a recent interview that she was blindsided by the viciousness of the media and at how personal the criticism has been. She confessed that it wasn't something she was prepared for prior to embarking in politics.

Kushner a person of interest in investigation

Jared Kushner's business activities are being investigated for his role in the Russia probe. He reportedly wanted a secret communications channel that would allow the Trump transition team to communicate with officials in Moscow. It's also alleged that he was in contact with a Russian bank that was sanctioned by the U.S.

In the meantime, Jared is keeping a low profile and Ivanka continues to keep her focus and not let the negativity derail her. How does Kushner deal with all of the chaos in this investigation? As she mentioned in her interview on "Fox and Friends," he doesn't give it much thought and has resolve in getting the task done at hand.

Stay or leave Washington?

A report a few weeks ago claimed that Ivanka and Jared are unhappy in Washington, D.C. and will evaluate things every six months. Depending on how miserable they still are, they may leave the political spotlight and return to their private lives in New York. Sources told Politico that Kushner hasn't accomplished all that he's wanted at the White House.

Ivanka, however, said on Fox that Jared "loves his job" and has made big strides in changing things in Washington. She gave no credibility to the report that she and Kushner are thinking about leaving the highest level of politics. The two have learned rather quickly that life in Washington is more difficult than they ever envisioned.