After six months in office, Donald Trump is facing non-stop criticism as a result of a variety of issues. Despite his approval rating continuing to drop, the president decided to spend his Father's Day morning tweeting questionable information about his popularity.

Trump on Twitter

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, not many people knew how to take it. The consensus was that his candidacy was nothing more than a joke, with some believing it was a stunt to generate ratings on his reality show. However, as time went on, the former host of "The Apprentice" gained popularity by running on a controversial message that catered to those looking for a so-called "Washington Outsider." After winning the GOP primary and eventually the general election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump was sworn into office last January.

During the transition period, former President Barack Obama appeared to put partisan politics aside and went above and beyond to help Trump into the White House. Despite getting along during that time, the new commander in chief has gone on to lash out at Obama on more than one occasion, most notably accusing him of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election. During a series of tweets on June 18, Trump decided to brag about his alleged success as president, while taking another shot at Obama in the process.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Sunday morning was Donald Trump, and the president didn't hold back in his attempt to gloat.

"The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt," Trump tweeted.

"Many new jobs, high business enthusiasm, massive regulation cuts, 36 new legislative bills signed, great new S.C.Justice, and Infrastructure, Healthcare and Tax Cuts in works!" Donald Trump added in a follow up tweet.

In his third and final post as of press time, Trump went on to claim that he is more popular than Barack Obama. "The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating.That's higher than O's #'s!" he wrote.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's claim that his approval rating his higher than Barack Obama, social media critics were quick to fire back with a reality check.

"Dude Rasmussen is a right wing org lol," journalist Ken Klippenstein pointed out.

"He's an idiot!" entertainer Porkchop Parker wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Nobody believes #trumps lies or pays them much attention, this will all be a bad memory SOON!" "Happy Father's Day to the man with five kids from three wives," Rob Dobi added.

"Even though that's way higher than the real figure (37%), 50% is still *TERRIBLE* for a recently elected president!" Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted out, while also adding, "You need to stop tweeting about your approval numbers, they are at RECORD LOWS. It's like bragging about still having about half your teeth." As the backlash continued, it was clear that even on Father's Day, the president's critics were not going to let up.