The British Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, suspended the Election campaign due to terrorists' nightly attacks in London, Reuters reported.

On Saturday evening, a white van ran over pedestrians on the London Bridge, after the crash, the terror suspects got out of the car and started stabbing the passers-by. Police opened fire on the attackers and shot them. As a result of this Terrorist Attack, seven people were killed, 48 injured and among them, 21 are in serious condition.

At the same time, the editor of the British television network ITV Robert Peston said that British politicians had suspended the national campaign, but the local campaign hadn't do it.

London elections will not be postponed, said Sadiq Khan

According to the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, the elections will be held on the next Thursday, June 8, and he will vote on this day. At the same time, Khan noted the necessity and the special importance of preserving the inviolability of democratic values threatened by terrorists.

He warned the residents that the number of policemen would be increased in the streets, and called for the calmness. The mayor also said that the level of the terrorist threat remained serious.

Effects of Terror attacks on the polls

It is possible that the recent terrorist attacks in the country may affect the results of the voting. When the prime minister announced her decision to hold elections in April, there was nothing to worry about. According to the polls, the Conservative Party, currently having an absolute majority in the parliament, was to further strengthen its positions.

The ruling party was supported by 48% of the citizen, and their main competitors - Labor - 24%.

After the May 22 terrorist attack in Manchester, the gap began to decline sharply, reaching a minimum of three percentage points a few days ago.

Strong security announcement after the attacks

The current terrorist act may lead the British prime minister to a political catastrophe.

The opposition has already accused the prime minister, the former head of the Interior Ministry, that she was blamed for the worsening security situation. After the attack in Manchester, May announced a maximum, critical, level of terrorist threat, which allowed the authorities to draw the army to ensure security in the country. However, within a few days, the prime minister again lowered the threat level. But the point is that only one week after the lowering of the terrorist threat level in central London, there was a terrorist act again.This fact can undermine public confidence in the prime minister and the government she leads.