As one of the aides named in the probe over the Trump campaign's connections with Russian officials who interfered with the 2016 Presidential Election, Carter Page has performed just as well as any other Trump official in denying -- quite badly -- that they colluded with Russian officials at all. During this year, Carter Page was interviewed on PBS News Hour where he denied that he met with any Russian officials, only to give a different story on CNN with Anderson Cooper where he played the game of semantics over the word "meeting."

Discrediting dossier

During the interview, he seemed to have some difficulty in trying to get the words out and further attempted to drag Cooper into his line of reasoning for how he was denying involvement.

Blasting News reported on Carter Page being mentioned in a dossier that has been passed around, many saying that it isn't credible and others saying that there's enough legitimacy to it and the investigator who put it together for it to stand as relevant. From that dossier, intelligence officials determined that Carter Page might not have known he was being used by Russian spies, which triggered him to deny it as well.

Discrediting intelligence committees

Carter Page now claims that the House Intelligence Committee is preventing him from testifying which Democrat Adam Schiff, who is a ranking member of that committee, dismissed.

He said that after reviewing relevant documents, they would then seek to interview witnesses and that the pace of those interviews is dictated by the needs of the investigation and not the preferences of outside parties. President Trump weighed in on this via Twitter where he said that Democrats didn't want Carter Page to testify, saying that it was proof that it was a "witch hunt" and that testimony by James Comey and John Brennan were misleading.

More cover for Trump

It's also been reported that Carter Page has made similar signs of hostility against the Senate Intelligence Committee of which he said that everything they're going to ask them about is based on irrelevant information. He also referred to the FISA court approval of unmasking names which the House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes recently subpoenaed three intelligence agencies over.

In this case, not only is Nunes providing more cover for the Trump administration but Carter Page is also marketing the "unmasking" efforts of the previous Obama administration, a Trump administration narrative.

In a similar act of defiance by those currently with or previously in the administration had initially refused to comply with the House panel's requests, which is why the subpoena's against Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn were issued on Wednesday. Now, various bodies have launched their own investigations on various members of the Trump administration, with Robert Mueller's own investigation being of main interest as it's now seen to have become one over criminal intent.

As Blasting News detailed, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Trump has revealed his intentions to block the investigations being conducted on him, which is as defiant as the propagandistic efforts to turn the tables against the investigators themselves.