A powerful explosion occurred during the concert of the American singer #Ariana Grande in the British city of Manchester. The police confirmed the information about 22 dead, while dozens were injured. It is already known that among the victims there were children. The explosive device in the foyer of the stadium was activated by a suicide bomber. According to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, law enforcement authorities consider the incident to be "a horrendous terrorist act".

Priests of the Catholic Church also expressed their condolences

"Heroic Manchester, a dark evil cannot defeat him. We pray for those who mourn, passing through the pain of loss. We also pray for those who protect us, "Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote, adding that the British people had faced terrorist attacks before, they did not break it, and terrorists will not be able to do it this time. "What makes this attack particularly terrible is the deliberate choice of the concert, which attracted a lot of very young fans," said David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, adding that the consequences of this tragedy will affect people for many following years.

Trump called them losers

The president of the United States Donald Trump called the organizers of the terrorist act "losers". The president noted that terrorists would not be called monsters, since they would take such an epithet as a compliment. "From now on, I will call them losers, because they are like that," Trump said.

On the behalf of the American people, the politician expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.

The first lady of the US Melania Trump also expressed her condolences to the relatives of the killed and injured in the explosion people.

"My thoughts and prayers with Manchester," she wrote on her Twitter.

The US Department of Homeland Security issued a statement in connection with the explosion that "The Ministry is closely following the situation at the Manchester Arena in the UK. We are working with our foreign colleagues for more information about the cause of the explosion, as well as the number of victims. "

Two teenagers are missed

The police in Manchester reported that two teenagers, 17-year-old Claude Rutherford and 19-year-old Liam Curry, are listed as missing after the Manchester attack.

Law enforcers urged everyone who possesses any information about the missing to report to the police.

Haroon Khan, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, condemned the terrorist act. "It's terrible, it's criminal. I hope, the attackers will be punished in all severity - in this life and in the next world. - Khan stressed. - I especially want to mention the work of the police and emergency services, which rescued people last night. They rushed to help ordinary citizens too. I call on everyone in the region and throughout the country to unite and support the victims. "

The explosion happened at the Ariana Grande's concert

The head of the London police said that the capital's law enforcers will help investigators in Manchester during the investigation of the explosion at the stadium that took place on May 22 at a concert of the American singer Ariana Grande.

At the concert in Manchester, the people were not properly screened in front of the entrance. It was reported by a Czech citizen, Nikola Trochtova, who visited the concert of Ariana Grande on May 22.

"There was no search at all. We did not even go through metal detectors. We were allowed inside without any verification, without asking whether we have something dangerous, "Trochtova told Czech Radio. According to Charles Kapchan, the professor at Georgetown University, the explosion at the stadium in Manchester is the work of the militants of the "Islamic state" who are trying to win back this way for their lost positions in Syria.

Outside the building of the European Commission, after the residence of Downing Street, flags are lowered.

"Today the flags are half-mast, we mourn together with you. Tomorrow we will work side by side to respond.They will underestimate our and your perseverance, "- says the EC on Twitter.

The suspicious package was discovered

The suspicious package discovered at the Victoria railway station, because of which the evacuation was earlier carried out, does not pose any danger. It was reported in law enforcement agencies in London.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, expressed his support to his colleague in Manchester, confirming that security in the British capital will be strengthened today.

"Manchester and other cities in the UK will never be afraid of terrorists. Those who want to destroy our way of life and divide us will never succeed, " he said in his official statement on Twitter.

France expresses condolences

France expresses condolences to the people of Great Britain in connection about the terrorist attack that took place on Monday evening, the official report of the Elysee Palace says.

"With horror and dismay, French President Emmanuel Macron learned of the new deadly terrorist attack that occurred last night during a concert at the Manchester Arena," the report said.

"I turn my thoughts to the British people, the victims and their relatives. We are combating terrorism together, "Macron wrote on his Twitter.

The Eiffel Tower will be illuminated tonight in the colors of the British flag. It was reported by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, in her Twitter.

Innocent sorrows for their loved ones

The parents of children who will never return from the concert, continue to look for them on social networks.

Charlotte Campbell told BBC Radio 4 that her 15-year-old daughter Olivia went to a concert with her boyfriend Adam. "The last time we talked with her, she said that the concert was great, that she really liked it, and thanked me for releasing it," Charlotte said.

Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham made an official statement and thanked the police officers who had been working all night on the scene, as well as residents of the city who had hosted those who had needed to hide from danger.

Trump's support to Manchester

The president of the United States Donald Trump, who is currently on an official visit to Israel, receives operational information on the progress of the investigation of the explosion at the Manchester Arena stadium.

It was reported by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

"The National Security Team provides the US president with up-to-date information on the situation in the Manchester explosion," the report said on Twitter. According to it, Adam was taken to the hospital about half an hour after the explosion, and nothing has been heard about Olivia.

Russia's deep condolences to Manchester

the Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his deep condolences to the British Prime Minister in connection with the terrorist attack in Manchester. "We strongly condemn this cynical, inhuman crime.

We expect that his people will not get away from deserved punishment, "he wrote in a telegram. The Russian leader stressed that Moscow is ready to step up the anti-terrorist cooperation with London on a bilateral basis.

The evacuation of Victoria Station in London

According to the Reuters agency, the Victoria station is being evacuated in London now due to the discovery of a suspicious convolution. The police cordoned off the road that leads to Buckingham Palace, as well as other streets adjacent to the station.

The police in Manchester published a new report on the attack at the stadium "Manchester Arena".

It confirms that, according to the latest information, as a result of the explosion 22 people were killed, 59 injured. All people who were injured were taken to eight hospitals in the city. They are being provided with the necessary assistance.

Suspension of the election campaign

The leader of the Labour Party of Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn announced the suspension of the election campaign in connection with the explosion in Manchester.

On his Twitter, the politician posted a statement of condolences to the relatives of the dead and injured. The text also says that after a meeting with Prime Minister Teresa Mei, they together decided to suspend the campaign.

Attackers' target were adolescents

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called the terrorist attack in Manchester the killing of children.

"This attack was especially vile and mean, because it was, apparently, intentionally aimed at adolescents.It was an attack on innocent people, and there is no crime worse than killing children, "- said the head of the Australian government, speaking today in Parliament.

Ian Hopkins's statement

"At this stage, I cannot report any details, but I can confirm that there are children among the dead," said law enforcement spokesman Ian Hopkins. Police in Manchester reported that the explosion at the Manchester Arena could have been committed by a suicide bomber who died on the spot. This is reported by AFP.

"We consider it being a terrorist attack, and although we believe that the crime was committed by a single person, our primary goal is to determine whether or not he had accomplices," said Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of the Police of Greater Manchester. Presumably, the explosive device was in the attacker's backpack.

British Police warnings to Manchester

The police of the Greater Manchester county warn that in connection with yesterday's incident, changes will be made to the timetable of the local train system Metrolink.

On the scene of the incident, the police continue to work. The stadium "Manchester Arena" is cordoned off. The Manchester police also reported that "anyone who needs help after yesterday's incident at the Manchester Arena can get it at the Etihad Stadium, Sector 11".

The British police asked the citizens to provide all the information that could be useful to the investigation. Also, residents of Manchester were asked not to gather near the place of the tragedy, as the stadium is now undergoing investigative measures.

The chinese President sent a telegram to Queen of Great Britain

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a telegram with condolences to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, CCTV reported. "In this difficult time, the Chinese people support the British," the message says. The Chinese leader also expressed his condolences to the British authorities and relatives of the victims of the tragedy.