The British capital was again subjected to a terrorist attack on Saturday late in the evening, as a result of which, according to the data of the London ambulance service, seven people were killed. 48 injured are in hospital. The police shot down three suspects.

According to Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner, Mark Rowley, the attack started around 10:30 pm. From eyewitnesses accounts, it was clear that a white van ran over pedestrians on the London Bridge. The police almost immediately reacted to messages called in, asking people to stay away from the scene.

A few minutes later, Scotland Yard reported another incident in the Borough Market.

Places of attack

The places where the incidents took place are next to each other in the center of the British capital. Later, the London police mentioned a third incident overnight. This time it was around Vauxhall. However, it was announced that the event there had no connection to the incidents in the London Bridge area.

Recent developments

Last night, after 10 pm, Police began to receive reports that the car on the London Bridge had hit pedestrians.

Then the vehicle continued driving along the London Bridge to the Borough market. After the suspects got out of the car they started stabbing passers-by, the London police reported in a statement published early in the morning on June 4.

Police opened fire on the attackers and shot them. The suspects were allegedly wearing waistcoats stuffed with explosives.

However, it was later discovered that these were fake, the statement added. Even before these official statements, the London police had announced that what happened on the London Bridge and the Borough market were terrorist attacks.

Evidence of eyewitnesses

BBC correspondent Holly Jones, who was on the bridge when the incident happened, said that there was a man behind the wheel.

The van, she said, was driving at an estimated speed of 80 km / h.

With reference to eyewitnesses, the BBC reported that seven people were seen lying on the ground after the incident.

One of the eyewitnesses also told Reuters that he saw how the wagon turned onto the sidewalk and drove into a group of people. "It looked like he intended on directing the van to a group of people. I froze because I did not know what to do," he said. He also said that he saw at least six people lying on the ground after the attack. "It was terrible," he added.

One eyewitness told the BBC that three men came out of the van with long knives and went to Borough High Street causing stab wounds to random people.

Another eyewitness, who was in a pub Mudlark near the London Bridge, told the BBC that he saw a woman come into the pub with a bleeding neck wound and asked for help.The eyewitness added that people rushed to help her while ambulance teams rendered assistance on the street to another person. The police also carried out the evacuation of the pub.

Other eyewitnesses also said that people tried to hide in bars. According to the latest official data, as a result of the double attack, seven people were killed and at least 48 more were taken to hospitals.

Attackers information

Nobody has taken responsibility for the attack in central London. According to Scotland Yard, the attack involved three men and all of them were shot by the police.

Previously, the media published a photo of a man lying on the ground and it was assumed he could be one of the alleged terrorists shot by the police. In the photo, in the background, one more person could be seen lying on the ground. Later, the police announced that the attackers had been carrying dummy explosives.

Reaction to attacks

British Prime Minister Teresa May issued a statement in which she described the incident as a "potential terrorist act." She also ordered the convening of a meeting of the extraordinary government committee COBRA in connection with the attacks that had taken place.

President Donald Trump also commented on what had happened in London, on Twitter.