An all-star legal team of professionals has been assembled by special counsel Robert Meuller. They will work on the obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump. The five men and one woman could be considered a Dream Team. Their combined experience may be just what is needed to prove our POTUS is guilty and set in motion impeachment.

Meet the team players

Meuller is the leader of this team of experienced prosecutors. He will be assisted by Cybersecurity expert Aaron Zebley who worked for the FBI before going into private practice. James Quarles was a former special prosecutor for the investigation into Watergate is also on the team.

The lone female is Jeannie Rhee, a white collar crime specialist who was a senior advisor to the former Attorney General Eric Holder.

The final two members of the all-stars are seasoned Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who has made a career of prosecuting white collar crimes, and criminal law expert Michael Dreeben who has argued more than 100 cases in front of the Supreme Court. All six are considered heavy hitters in the legal realm and the best at what they do.

Prosecuting the President

This team of experts will certainly be under scrutiny because of the task at hand. They are commissioned to find credible evidence that the commander in chief of the United States of America is guilty of obstructing justice.

They must prove that President Donald Trump was trying to stop the investigation into his role in the Russian collusion. They must do so in a very divided White House and also a very hostile climate in the nation.

These six professionals will no doubt endure the Twitter tirades of number 45. He viciously attacks the character of anyone who disagrees with him.

This has been the modus operandi of the president since he was elected to office. There is no reason to believe it will change now. Meuller and his team have a difficult task ahead of them. This is one job that probably no U.S. citizen would choose willingly to take on. Who would ever believe that one day their assignment would be to prosecute the leader of the nation?

The negative effect that Donald Trump has unleashed on this nation is troubling. U.S. citizens having their president prosecuted for obstruction of justice does not present a pretty picture. This situation is one where all Americans desire the words of the POTUS to come to pass. He said recently: "The truth shall prevail." Truth is what the dream team of professionals should be seeking. And what Americans should receive. For the sake of us all may this all-star legal team do their job well.