According to CNN, australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull mocked US President Donald Trump Wednesday when he addressed a crowd of journalists and politicians that gathered during Australian Parliamentary Midwinter Ball. Turnbull’s next phone conversation with President Trump may not be friendly, the report said.

Turnbull's mockery of Trump

An Australian radio station aired a leaked audio recording of Turnbull poking fun at attempts to flatter himself with Donald Trump during a meeting of both men in New York.

He told the crowd who gathered at the event that it was beautiful and the most beautiful placing him at ease ever.

The Midwinter Ball is the foremost political event in Canberra, the Australian Capital. It is a mixture of politicians, advisers, and journalists. The event is similar to Correspondence Dinner usually held in the White House.

What differentiates it from the US version was the speech of the leader that was recorded. But Channel Nine aired the speech. Most of the speech by the Australian Prime Minister were made available to social media and aired in all over Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull and his US counterpart Donald Trump had just mended their ties after a publicized heated argument on the phone in January over the proposed US and Australian refugee pact.

Meeting between the two leaders

The two leaders had a brief meeting in New York in May, where President Trump said their ties was superb.

Turnbull faked Trump’s speech style when he mocked their poor rating in opinion poll held recently.

The Australian Prime Minister said he and Donald Trump were winning in the polls. He added that they were winning so much and were winning like never before. The speech by Malcolm generated applause and laughter.

Turnbull also made a mockery of the US President’s ongoing controversy over Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

The impersonated speech

He told the audience the online polls were very easy to win, and he knew that. He went on to ask the crowd if they knew about that. They are very easy to win because he has the Russian guy, Turnbull said. He told the audience to believe him that it’s true.

The speech went viral in the United States, where a popular television series House of Cards replied via tweet.

The Australian PM expressed disappointment over the leak. Speaking on radio, Turnbull said the speech has been leaked but said it was a good-humored.