Two Georgia prisoners who overpowered and killed their guards on a Prison bus Wednesday are on the run. The assailants were said to be highly dangerous and notorious beyond measure. Authorities have placed a bounty for information that could lead to their arrest, Associated Press reported.

Manhunt declared

Officials said Donnie Rowe and his accomplice Ricky Dubose, who are serving life sentences were seen on Tuesday after they subdued, disarmed and killed Sergeant Curtis Billue and Sergeant Christopher Monica. The Guards were moving 33 Inmates to another prison when the incident occurred.

There was a heavy manhunt by a combined team of law enforcement agencies after the escape by the culprits who carjacked a driver that parked up close to the bus on a remote highway, Sheriff of Putnam County, Howard Sills said.

Dangerous and notorious beyond description

Sills was devastated as he narrated the incidence to reporters.Officials said the two prisoners got into a 2004 Honda Civic car with a Georgia plate number and sped off west on State Highway 16, heading toward Eatonton, Atlanta. Later on, a manhunt was launched 25 miles, approximately 40 kilometers, to the north of Madison. According to Sills, the duo burglarized an apartment and then two men that fitted their descriptions were seen around a Family Dollar store nearby.

There was no other description of the prisoners and no reason to conclude that they had split up, Sills said.

$70,000 bounty for useful information

The Putnam County Sheriff stated that they were seriously in search for the two culprits who are now equipped with 9 mm pistols that were forcefully collected from the correctional officers.

They are wanted and dangerous beyond measure. If anyone spots or comes across, they need to dial 911 as soon as possible, the Sheriff added.

He called on the deserters to surrender, they better to turn themselves in before they are found, Sills stated.

The duo snatched and tossed the cellphone of the Honda driver and left the remaining 31 inmates stocked inside the bus, Sills added.

There is a growing bounty for anyone that could provide information leading to their arrest. Spokeswoman for Georgia’s Bureau of Investigation, Nelly Miles said many agencies have contributed a whooping sum of $70,000 a as reward for anyone with information that could lead to the apprehension of the Rowe, 43, and Dubose, 24.