Three US servicemen were killed on Saturday in eastern Afghanistan when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them. One US serviceman was injured and evacuated from Afghanistan and was taken for medical care. It was reported by Rueters.

Green-on-blue attacks

According to the spokesman Attahullah Khogyani of the Nangarhar province governor, where the incident occurred, the US servicemen were killed by a soldier of the Afghanistan armed forces.

He, said in a statement that the attack took place in the Achin district.

"The reason for the shooting is not clear.

The investigation has already begun," he said.

The Pentagon's report also noted that an investigation of this incident was initiated.

As it was confirmed by one US official, the incident was a "green-on-blue" attack by the opponent army member of the Afgan security forces in Nangarhar Province.

Some years ago, these green-on-blue insider attacks on the international services were the major problem.

The White House attention to this attack

Mike Pence, The US Vice President, speaking in the state of Wisconsin, noted that President Donald Trump had already been informed about what had happened.

The White House confirmed that Trump had received reports about what had happened. This is by no means the first case of an attack on coalition forces in Afghanistan by local servicemen.

In New Jersey, the White House spokesman Raj Shah told the reporters that Trump was "following the emerging situation in Afghanistan."

Taliban took responsibility for the attack

The terrorist group Taliban claimed the responsibility for the attack.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the loyalist of their group had infiltrated the Afgan army to kill the foreign army.

In March, one of the soldiers of the Afghani army was killed after he opened fire on foreign forces at a base in Helmand province, three US soldiers were wounded.

Troops' number

According to the official data, currently, in Afghanistan, there is about 13 thousand military personnel of the international coalition. They include about 8.4 thousand American soldiers and officers who train Afghan units and act as military advisers.

The United States' authorities are considering the possibility of sending an additional military contingent to Afghanistan.

A few days ago, during the funeral of the Afghan Senate Deputy Speaker's son, a drone dumped an explosive device on the people. There were 19 victims of the attack.