The terrorists of the "Islamic State", who committed the Terrorist Attack on the London Bridge, had planned to rent a 7.5-ton truck for the attack, but the payment for renting a truck was declined, so they used the white van.

This was reported by the London police. In addition, Thirteen Molotov bottles with an incendiary mixture, two blow lamps, and office chairs, which investigators think were used as a cover to rent the vehicle, were found in the terrorists' minivan. Moreover, there were gravel bags in the van, which probably had been used to increase the vehicle's weight.

All three terrorists put models of the suicide belts on themselves, padded out with plastic bottles.

Three pink ceramic knives

British law enforcers also released a photo of one of the pink 12-inch ceramic knives, which the criminals used in the attack. These pink ceramic knives were covered with adhesive tape and had a leather strap, which attracted special attention by the police, who appeal for anyone with more information about them to come forward.

The head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorism department, Dean Haydon called the potential witnesses to contact the police: "We need to learn more about these unusual knives." According to him, the information about the place where weapons were manufactured and bought could lead to more evidence.

After the terrorist act, law enforcement agencies interrogated 262 people from 19 countries, searched 12 homes in London, and made 20 detentions. The last one was on the morning of June 10. At the moment, there are seven suspects in custody regarding the attack.

Room that was rented by terrorists

In the room that was rented by one of the murdered militants -- Rachid Redouane -- the police found two empty five-liter bottles that smelled of gasoline, rolls of black and gray scotch tape, belts and an English-language edition of the Kuran, opened to a page describing martyrdom.

It is believed that the terrorists planned and prepared for the attack in that room.

Earlier on ABC Network release footage which captured the time of the terror attack in central London. Three men in a white minivan made a run at pedestrians on the London Bridge. Then the terrorists reached the Borough Market, got out of the van and started attacking passers-by with knives.

The victims of the attack numbered eight people. The police shot and killed the attackers.

Early Saturday morning, officers from the "Metropolitan London Police's Counter Terrorism Command arrested a 28-year-old man at a residential address in East London," ABC reported.