Near the city of Atlanta, Georgia, a bus with missionaries from the Church of Alabama overturned. It was reported by Fox News.

One person died in the Accident, 38 were injured. For their transportation, three ambulances were called up. Among the victims there are children. The TV channel published the footage showing that the bus was lying on its roof, it suffered a huge amount of damage. At the scene of the accident, rescuers continue to work. They, in particular, are trying to help people who are blocked in the bus.

Scene from the accident

The church's minister of education Terry Slay said that in the bus accident among the victims there were the 11th and 12th Grade students.

The bus drove the students of the seminary to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, they were supposed to fly to Africa, Fox News reported.

It is known that the vehicle is the property of a Baptist church located in the US state of Alabama.

The crew of the Fulton Country Fire Chief Larry Few rescued another person out of the bus, and his condition was not good. It was reported by the Associated Press.

On Thursday evening, The Grady Memorial Hospital told that only nine patients came to the hospital, including four in the critical condition, two were in good condition and three of them had minor injuries.

The cause of the accident

The police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

On the shots taken from the helicopter, it is evident that the car turned over and is standing across the road.

According to the police, the bus entered the rough ground and rolled over. The investigators said that the upside down bus slid over the Mercedes which was traveling in the westbound lanes.

Parents expressed their sorrow

Sarah, a victim of the bus accident, was in the group from Mount Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. She got into the bus crash which was heading to the airport for her trip to Africa.

Her mother said that Sarah had been writing her final paragraphs for the journal on the bus before that accident happened. So, Sarah's mother wanted to share her daughter's thoughts with the people who came on Thursday evening to the sanctuary of the Kingdom of God Church, reading that very entry aloud.

In that entry Sarah mentioned that her mood was quite bad, as she was going to spend much time in another place, that's why she felt uncomfortable. To feel better she decided to read her Bible, prayed and chose 1 Peter 5 and 2 Peter 1 for reading. The words from Holy Scriptures that she was reading really applied to her: she treated her little friends in Botswana as a flock entrusted to her by God and understood the importance to watch over them.