While there are scores of examples of exemplary Parents in the world, there are also a section who are callous. A couple has been slapped with charges of neglect of a dependent and intoxication in the public for failing to go about their responsibilities as parents. The father and mother are currently under arrest by the police after they brought their seven-month-old baby girl to an Indianapolis bar, where they proceeded to get drunk.

According to Law Enforcement Officers, 42-year-old Shari Treba and 45-year-old Michael Trosclair, 45 were at the Wild Beaver Saloon at around 12:30 a.m at night on Friday, June 16 along with their Infant daughter.

An eyewitness stated that Treba was breastfeeding her daughter and was drinking and smoking at the same time. According to the court documents, the child was later found outside the bar’s roped area by the police while the parents were busy partying.

Parents get drunk with infant in tow

Witnesses stated that Treba was heard offering sex to people in exchange for a beer inside the bar. The baby was left unattended outside the bar while Treba went inside to get some more beer. One of the law enforcement officers who was present at the scene stated that a “very strong odor associated with an alcoholic beverage” was emanating from Treba. A breathalyzer test performed by one of the attending officers revealed that she had .193% of blood-alcohol content in her body.

After the police contacted Child Protective Services, the infant’s father Trosclair came to the scene and declared that he was planning to call an Uber to go back to the hotel. Reports state that Trosclair also appeared to be intoxicated. According to the police, Trosclair went into a fit of rage when the officers informed him that the baby will need to be checked by medical personnel for signs of intoxication and abuse.

Fearing that he would get abusive in front of the infant, the police took him into custody.

An IMPD detective stated in an affidavit that partying was more of a priority to the couple that taking care of their child. The infant was taken into the state’s custody and was transferred to the Riley Hospital for Children for examination.

The DCS noted that no signs of physical abuse or neglect or intoxication were found on the child.

Parents’ negligent behavior

In a similar event that took place in September 2016, Rhonda Pasek and James Acord were found passed out in their car after allegedly overdosing on heroin. Their four-year-old son was sitting at the backseat of the vehicle at the time. The photos showed the neglectful parents unconscious in front of the minor and were clicked by law enforcement officers. The pictures were circulated online to create awareness about drug usage.