Melania Trump said in November that she would move to the White House after her son completed his school year. CBS News reported that Melania and Baron Trump would be moving to Washington D.C. on Wednesday, June 14th. On Sunday however, the first lady shared on Twitter that the two of them were already there.

Melania and Baron in the White House

It has been a long and expensive four months for the American people. The cost for secret service protection while Melania and Baron resided in Trump Tower was said to be $146,000.00 daily. The time and manpower to protect these two were also reported to be exhausting.

Now all of that is over and a new chapter in their lives has begun. The first lady is now officially in the White House

NBC News showed the video of the first couple and young Baron has they made their exit from Marine One. Melania wore dark sunglasses and kept her head down. She did not look happy at all. There was a moment where the first lady and the president were walking hand in hand, Unfortunately, it was short-lived however lasting under 20 seconds. The brevity of personal contact along with the scowl on Mrs. Trump's face will only add to rumors of marital discord.

Challenges for the first lady and her son

Now that she has officially arrived in town Melania Trump's duties as the first lady will be much easier for her to carry out.

When she was a long distance president's wife there were events that she did not participate in. Scrutiny will also increase now that she will be more visible. All president's wives are criticized but our current FLOTUS has extra baggage she may not be able to unload. Melania is married to Donald J Trump.

Number 45 has utilized Twitter as a bully pulpit and his wife is paying the price.

The first lady is now being trolled by those whose anger is really at her spouse. She is paying the price for his childish behavior. Melania Trump is also moving into a White House that is hostile, one where the Russian collusion is taking a toll. Her husband's administration is one where private information that is leaked and tempers are on edge.

There will be challenges for Baron Trump as well.

The president's youngest son will be the first male child in the White House since 1963. John Kennedy Jr. was the last. Baron may find it difficult to be up close and personal to politics when he is used to being sequestered in his own wing at Trump Tower. White House staff who have only been used to girls may need time to adjust to a little boy being under foot, At any rate, Melania and her son have arrived.