A Texas teenage mother left her two children in her car for more than 15 hours while hanging out with friends at a residence. The children later died. A county sheriff said a young mother named Amanda Hawkins, aged 19, will be charged with either abandoning or endangering the children. One child was one year old while the other was two. The mother initially claimed that the two children were at a lake where they collapsed after they smelled flowers. Investigators found out that the children were left in the car from a Tuesday night to Wednesday noon.

The mother and her male friend later rushed the children to Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville where doctors found the children to be in grave condition. The children were then transferred to University Hospital in San Antonio where they were pronounced dead.

Information from investigators

The sheriff said that Amanda left the children in the car intentionally and was in a nearby house the whole night. Cries were being heard from the car by other people, but no one went to check. For her not to get into trouble, the mother bathed the children so as to improve their deteriorating health condition. Her 16-year-old male friend that was with her during the suffering and death of the children might also be charged, according to the sheriff.

Amanda's questionable Facebook post

In one of Amanda's Facebook posts that seem to have been retrieved by one of her Facebook friends, someone appears to have noticed that Amanda had poor parenting skills and talked to her mother; this made Amanda aggravated and mad. She posted on her timeline that anyone who has a problem with her parenting skills should talk to her instead of conversing with her mom.

People have flocked to her page on Facebook to express their frustrations, in one of the posts, a woman complained why one of her kid's fingernails were too long which was a sign of child neglect.

Similar cases that occurred in the past

Similar cases such as this one have occurred in the recent past.

In late last month, Caldwell police found a five-month-old girl unconscious in a car on Saturday afternoon. Late last month, Dallas police found a two-year-old girl and a sixteen-month-old boy dead in a car. Temperatures on that day had reached 96 degrees according to the police. In February this year, a one-year-old boy died in Miami after he was left in the car. Temperatures on that day were believed to be as high as 80 degrees.