Many Americans were troubled when the first lady did not immediately join her spouse at Pennsylvania Ave. There was outrage at the expense of protecting her while she remained in Trump Tower. There were snide remarks on Twitter about the long-distance president's wife. In a few days, all of this should be in the past. Melania is scheduled to move into the White House on June 14th.

Be wary of what you ask for

From the beginning, Melania Trump was a different breed of president's wife. She was not born in America and does not command the English language well.

Melania is a former model who has posed nude, and in suggestive photos with another woman. She is the only first lady who is a third wife of the president. Mrs. Trump also has never been a political wife. The major difference between Melania and other president's wives is that her husband is Donald J. Trump. There have been more rumors of marital woes with this couple than any other. Americans should be careful regarding what they ask for because now they will have it.

The drama and chaos of the Trump era can only increase with his wife in tow. Melania has been trained to smile for the camera and strike a pose but knows nothing of being the wife of a Commander-in-Chief. Her predecessors all had the benefit of their spouses being in politics in some capacity prior to holding public office.

Americans who voted Trump into office desired change, and change is what they got.

The rumors about the Trumps are never-ending

All first couples in recent years have dealt with rumors. The Trump's are the only ones with their daily lives on the Internet. It has been suggested that the couple sleeps in separate bedrooms and that Melania is having an affair.

For months it was reported that she may never move to Pennsylvania Ave., and that the couple had signed divorce papers. Add to this the Kathy Griffin issue and the Russian collusion and it makes for a very troubled household.

The first lady will be entering a White House that is filled with drama and chaos. Those who leak information will be paying attention to every roll of the eye and hand swat.

it is entirely possible that the staff will not give Mrs. Trump the same respect that previous first ladies received. Melania may suffer indignities simply because she is married to The Donald. The president himself could treat her as bad in private as has been shown in photos and video. Those who were so eager for Mrs. Trump to move to D.C. could soon be troubled by what they asked for.