What does the word "Lordy" mean? Apparently, that is what a lot of people across the nation wanted to know after James Comey used the term while testifying at the Senate hearing on Thursday. "Lordy" was a big search across the search engines yesterday as it is a word not heard too often these days. People were also infatuated with Comey's use of the term "No Fuzz" along with a quote that he appeared to have in common with a Senator which talked about a "meddlesome priest."

Flock of seagulls

According to Slate, "Lordy, no fuzz, and meddlesome priest" was right up there with "seagulls at the beach," which gave the masses something to talk about.

This was like a side effect of Comey's hearing testimony. Even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary folks sent out a tweet with the words "trending now," which came out of the Comey testimony, as seen below.

Slate calls Comey's testimony full of a "charming mixture of colorful language" which enticed the masses to do a little detective work into some of the meanings of the words Comey spouted off from time to time. It seems "Lordy" was a big one when it came to searches yesterday.


Comey used "Lordy" in a sentence when talking about the possibility of President Trump having tapes of their conversations.

He said, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes."

According to Fox & Friends on Friday morning the words "Liar," "leaker," and "Lordy" are the three words that best described Comey's overall testimony coming from news reports today. It seems that Comey was also inspired by the fuzz on a peach when using a term, "no fuzz," to indicate that something was very clear without any confusion.

'No Fuzz'

According to Slate, Comey used "no fuzz" twice during the hearing yesterday. Comey said, “There should be no fuzz on this whatsoever.” He used this to convey his certainty about the election interference orchestrated by Russia in 2016. He used "no fuzz" once again later on in the proceedings to indicate that there was no confusion around who he reports to and that would be the attorney general.


When Comey was asked why he didn't deliver his hand-written documentation of his encounters with Trump himself instead of having "a friend" bring these notes to the press, he used an odd comparison to seagulls. He told the committee that the press was camped out at the end of his driveway. He also said that if he did deliver the notes himself, it would be like "feeding seagulls at the beach."

Slate suggests that he was comparing reporters to a "bunch of hungry rats" with "wings." These reporters were apparently starving for any crumb Comey would feed them, which seems to be the mindset of the former director of the FBI. In all reality, this was Comey leaking some disparaging reports on Trump to the press.

Trump's first tweet about the Comey testimony was posted Friday morning, and the president called Comey a "leaker."

'Meddlesome Priest'

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" This was a quote that brought much excitement to both Comey and Senator Angus King. The two were apparently thinking of this quote at the same time, and their excitement took them off track for a minute or two as they talked about who said this. It was either King Henry II or the 12th; this quote is attributed to, pipes in King. The quote has to do with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was "a thorn in Henry's side," explains King.

There you have it, those special words and terms out of the vocabulary of James Comey, who had the eyes and ears of the world upon him during that special Senate hearing held on Thursday.