Donald Trump has been tweet-less since the day before the Senate hearing took place, which is odd for the President. His first tweet about James Comey came early Friday morning after he had a long time to think about what he wanted to say. Trump's tweet basically echoes the consensus of many folks who watched Comey's show. Trump called Comey a "leaker" which is what he is, according to Comey's own testimony.


Comey actually incriminated himself, Loretta Lynch, Bill and Hillary Clinton during his testimony regarding the Hillary Clinton email case.

Lynch directed Comey and his agency to refer to the Hillary Clinton email investigation as a "matter" in lieu of the word "investigation." Comey did say he asked for an explanation as to why they were changing the wording and he basically didn't get one, which he told the committee on Thursday. Trump's first and only tweet so far on Comey's hearing is seen below. Before this article was complete, Trump took to Twitter again to send out a big thank-you.

Who actually obstructed justice? This is the buzz on Fox & Friends Friday morning after Lynch, who gave the order, and Comey, who followed her directions, turned the Hillary email investigation into a "matter." This at best seems to be an attempt to mislead the public.

Public lied to by Lynch and Comey?

At the time that Lynch told Comey that the word "investigation" should be dropped when talking about Hillary's email probe, Hillary was campaigning for the White House. Did Lynch and Comey interfere with an election by attempting to fool the public in this downplaying of Hillary's probe?

'Matter' vs. 'investigation'

Comey himself said under oath yesterday that the FBI doesn't handle "matters" they do criminal investigations. When Lynch directed Comey to refer to Hillary's email probe as a "matter" he did do just that, but the media saw right through it and reported Hillary's email probe as an "investigation," which is what it was!

Donald Trump was apparently watching Fox & Friends this morning because he just sent out a tweet thanking them.

Timing Trump's Twitter silence?

The Washington Post was one of the many news outlets to note that Trump hadn't sent out a tweet in quite some time. They went as far as calculating this time span since his last tweet. This is his fifth longest time period without sending out a tweet since announcing he was a candidate for the president of the United States back in 2015. They stated this in an article that was published 12 hours before Trump actually took to Twitter this morning.

It is not known if this extra 12 hours that have gone by since has moved this Twitter silence event up the list for the longest time Trump's gone without sending out a tweet.

A bit vindictive?

Comey documented his encounters with Trump by jotting down personal hand-written notes after their meetings. These notes were suddenly handed over to the press after Comey was fired. He did nothing with them while employed as the FBI director, but once a civilian again, he apparently thought nothing of leaking them to the press. He didn't hand the notes over personally, he had a friend do it for him. This was an odd chain of events and Comey was asked why he didn't hand them over to officials rather than the press. Comey said he felt the public had a right to know.