If anyone ever looked uncomfortable, that would be James Comey these days as the nation has their eyes on him because he holds the key to the conversations he had alone with President Trump. Comey describes his meetings with Trump from his perspective as if they were some uncomfortable moments for the former director of the FBI.

Comey's words dropping jaws

Comey's prepared written testimony regarding his interaction with President Donald Trump about the investigation into the Russians has dropped some jaws today. Many believe it blew Trump's story right out of the water.

Comey did say that he felt the need to document everything the two men talked about, a need he never felt when talking with Obama. This testimony is from Comey's perspective, not Trumps. There are two sides to every story and this is just one of the sides.

Super Bowl of Congressional Hearings

Comey's written statement is said to "read like a point-by-point dismissal of Trump's version of the events," according to CNN News today. It seems that after the very first time Comey had a conversation with Trump, which occurred on January 6, the former FBI director felt a need to document their interactions from that day forward.

Weary of Trump from get-go

From the news reports today, Comey is cast as a man who was very weary of Trump from day one.

That's because Trump came off as a man who "presumed too much" and "knew too little," suggests CNN. Comey describes the dinner he had with Trump on January 27 as a dinner with an agenda on Trump's part.

First of all, Comey was surprised that he was having dinner alone with Trump, with just two servers walking in and out bringing them their food and drinks.

Comey said the dinner felt like it was a venue for him to ask for his job and "create some sort of patronage relationship."

Loyalty requested twice

Comey does say that Trump requested loyalty twice from him during the course of their dinner meeting. Trump told Comey that he "needs loyalty and that he "expects loyalty." He touched on those same requests later on in the meeting.

It is not known why Comey had the feeling he was there to ask for his job, but he did say that it was it felt like to him, again his perspective and he didn't report Trump saying anything to make him feel that way.

Comey offers honest instead

Comey describes what sounds like a little play on words when constructing his answers back to Trump. When Trump said to him he wants loyalty, Comey said you will always get "honesty" from me. Trump then worded Comey's answer a bit differently by saying this is what he wanted, "honest loyalty."

Comey then recalls how he paused for a minute before telling Trump "You will get that from me." After that Comey said how he was "directly" asked by Trump to "let go" of the investigation on Michael Flynn.

Comey did say that Trump didn't mean the entire Russian investigation, just the investigation of Flynn. Again, this is coming from Comey's perspective and there are two sides to every story. Trump's version may be a bit different or it may be the same. Only time will tell.