Katy Perry recently broke her silence about her long-standing feud with the “Blank Space” singer. Talking to James Corden, she said that for the longest time no one asked her side of the story. It all started in a situation that was supposed to end up well but just went sour.

Katy Perry explains her side of the conflict

According to the “Roar” singer, she allowed three of her backup dancers to go with Taylor Swift on her tour with the agreement that they return to her in time for her concerts too. Orlando Bloom’s ex-girlfriend texted the dancers, and they talked to the management about it.

However, she learned that they were fired.

Katy Perry tried to talk to Taylor Swift, but she did not listen. The worst thing is that Swift penned a song “Bad Blood” that was all about her. The “Dark Horse” singer mentioned what Taylor accused Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of character assassination when they had a conflict over West’s track “Famous.” This time, the “Shake it Off” singer did the same thing to her as reported by News.

Perry told Corden that Tom Hiddleston’s ex-fling who started the conflict should end it according to Mirror. She added that women should unite together because they can heal the world and not create division like what happened to them. They belong to the same industry, and she said that it is crazy to have a falling out because of their backup dancers.

Taylor Swift has a different version

Taylor Swift’s version that was publicized was Perry sabotaged her tour by hiring dancers from under her. Now, Perry’s version is out more than two years since the feud started. The “Love Story” songstress had and still had a standing feud with many people in the industry. They were her former friends, lovers, and haters.

She had a conflict aside from the Kanye West and his wife with Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lorde, and Demi Lovato. Many other celebrities had a thing with Swift. Some are light, some are heavy, but there were reconciliations and apologize too.

The singer who is currently dating Joe Alwyn has a very colorful life both as an artist and as a private person.

She is currently silent as she is working on a new music and having her eyes focused on a new lover. But her feud with Kim and Kanye West has been ongoing and might spark a new anytime. Conspiracy theorists even think the two singers are having the drama to get publicity.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have conflicting claims about their conflict. Now that both sides have been revealed, fans of both artists just hope everything will come to an end.