Princess Beatrice of the British Royal Family has been facing a lot of negative feedback from the press due to her choice of wardrobe. Most of her fans believed that she is in desperate need of a personal stylist in order to enhance her taste of fashion. However, it seems that the royal princess doesn't seem to mind about her outfit at all. What she is more focus on today is for her to create a name in the business industry.

She has proven herself many times that she wears what she likes and will do what she likes to do. Right now, the royal princess is splitting her time to be both in New York and London.

She is known for making her own rules and apparently, she is hard at work right now as she plans to create a big name in business.

Bizarre outfit

Despite being part of the British monarchy, Princess Beatrice has captured everybody's interest with her strange choice of wardrobe. Oftentimes, she is being spotted wearing metallic skirts and leather jacket ensemble while having a walk in Manhattan.

Further, she has been photographed most of the time for wearing ill-fitted dresses which are either too short or too long for her. In line with this, the royal princess has a lot of critics to deal with. Most of them suggest that she should take her own personal stylist if she wanted to be taken seriously as a royal family member and a businesswoman.

On the other hand, the princess seems has her own taste of red carpet wardrobe. Further, she doesn't seem to worry a lot about her critics as long as she is living the life that she's wanted.

Kate Middleton's fashion

Most of the time, Princess Beatrice is often compared to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in terms of fashionable dresses and shoes.

Middleton has been considered as the best-dressed woman and the most stylish woman in the world. Whatever she wears, both shoes and dresses, it will end up selling in an hour.

But with Princess Beatrice’s case, most of the critics worry about her fashion choices. For someone who is as young as her, lots of her followers believe that she is in need of a fashion expert.

Apparently, she has to take this into consideration since she is one of the prominent personalities in the British royalty.

Being one of the royalties, the princess can always find chic dresses and ensembles that she can wear in the public. Fans and critics further believe that changing her fashion style will never be possible if she continues to dress like an young innocent girl.