Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham is seeking help from the Trump administration. He is calling on them to halt the deportation of hundreds of Chaldean Christians from Detroit MI. Graham says returning them to Iraq will lead to certain death. ICE agents indicate that the majority of those arrested have committed horrendous crimes.

The President promised to help Christians on foreign soil

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would help Christians who were being persecuted in other nations. Now he is sending them back to Iraq where Christians often are beheaded.

Obviously, this was just campaign rhetoric. Franklin Graham, however, seems determined to hold the President he supported to his word.

All politicians say things they do not mean or they know are not possible when they are running for public office. What makes Donald Trump different is that he promised so much and has delivered so little. His supporters stood by him believing that he would overcome his negative campaign and become more presidential. This has not happened. The President's approval rating continues to slide and the Russian collusion is gaining momentum.

ICE Agents on the loose

One of the campaign promises President Trump has kept is his attempt to rid America of illegal aliens. Since he was sworn in, ICE agents have been running amuck rounding up people as if they are herding cattle.

Families are being torn apart, children separated from parents and now Chaldean Christian will have to face persecution and death. Chaldean Americans are in a panic as they fear for their lives. One young girl Laverna Kenawa was shown crying because her uncle was arrested. This is both barbaric and un-American.

Franklin Graham stood up for Donald Trump even saying (Erroneously) at his inauguration that the rain meant God's blessings on the newly elected POTUS.

Will the president now take heed to one of his strongest supporters, or will he dismiss Graham and begin saying nasty things about him on Twitter?

President Trump really should call off the hell-hounds of ICE because they are doing more harm than good. They are inspiring fear in children and separating family members. ICE agents are also sending Chaldean Christians to a sure death. This is truly inhumane. Criminals certainly should pay for their crimes but sentencing people to torture and beheading is not punishment its murder.