The London Police presumed at least 58 people were killed in a massive fire 24-story residential apartment building (Grenfell Tower) in the Kensington area, USA Today reported.

The fire in the 24-storey residential building of the Grenfell Tower in the west of London occurred on Wednesday night, 14 June. The fire enveloped the building from the second to the 24th floors. About 200 firefighters took part in the fire extinguishing, they managed to save 65 people.

Scotland Yard reported that as a result of the fire in Grenfell Tower killed at least 30 people and that there are 24 people in hospitals, while 12 of them remain in intensive care.

Meanwhile, the Sky News television channel reported with reference to its own sources that "70 people who are missing are probably dead."

Missing toll could be 58

According to the police spokesman and Commander Stuart Cundy, officially 58 people are considered missing. These include the bodies of 16 people who were taken to the morgue. Cundy added that the death toll could increase. Law enforcers hope that this will not happen. As reported by the BBC, the police said that in fact there is no chance to find alive those who are still missing.

On Friday, the London police reported that the number of victims of the fire reached 30.

Cundy also said about the authorities plan to release the images and the video from inside the badly-damaged building.

Victims of Grenfell Tower fire

Italian Foreign Ministry said that in a London skyscraper fire, young Italian architects, Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi were killed.

According to the agency, the 27-year-old bride and groom, graduates of the University of Venice, received a contract to create a new project in the British capital. For two months they lived on the 23rd floor of the 24-story tower block which went up in flames.

Marc Gottardi's father told the Italian media that in the first call of his son everything seemed to be under control but on the second call his son told him that there were a lot of smoke.

Protesters called May, a coward

According to the British Media, the hundreds of protesters gathered outside 10 Drowning Street on Saturday, shouting out aloud and were chanting that May is a coward. The protesters also expressed the anger on the prime minister that she did not meet with the victims of the fire tragedy on her visit to the neighborhood place following the incident.

According to the Guardian newspaper, one of the protesters, Tilly Howard said, May is coward and she needs to leave