Beyonce was credited by “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot as instrumental in winning the role. The Israeli actress revealed in an interview that the “Single Ladies” singer’s song “Run the World (Girls)” helped her overcome her anxiety during the audition for the most coveted role.

Gal Gadot will be forever grateful to Beyonce

Gadot, 32, said that she listened and danced to Beyonce’s song and she eventually got rid of her nervousness according to Marie Claire. She got the role over six other hopefuls. Despite Jay Z’s partner’s song, she could not have won the role without her inborn talent and beauty.

As the actress, herself admitted that she was born for the role. True enough, the film reached $600 million worldwide. In the U.S. theaters, the film earned $318 million.

She also inked two more superheroes films along with “Wonder Woman.” She will reprise her role in the upcoming “Justice League” film that will be released on November 17, 2016. She also appeared as the female superhero in Batman v Superman alongside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

Wonder Woman was a big role, but Gal Gadot received small paycheck

Her paycheck, however, was considered small knowing that blockbuster movies pay their actors a hefty sum as talent fee. But Gal Gadot’s succeeding paychecks will surely go big after the success of her first superhero film in the box office.

Meanwhile, Beyonce created hype after posing naked with her baby bump announcing to the world about her pregnancy. The singer has already delivered early this month. The birth of the twins was not officially announced, but a Twitter post of Beyonce’s dad confirmed the arrival of the famous twins. The latest report from Vogue says that the mother and babies were already released from the hospital.

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s twins were born prematurely. So they have to stay under the lights in the hospital to lower down the bilirubin in the blood. In cases of premature births, the bilirubin is elevated, so they need to be exposed under the lights to treat jaundice. The condition causes the skin to turn yellowish.

They will be staying at the $400,000 per month rented Malibu Estate that was selling at $75 million as reported by Vogue.

The 6.3 acres property along the Pacific coast is very big for the expanding family. The house alone measures 12,000 sq. ft. complete with amenities for high-end living.

Blue Ivy’s mom has touched thousands of people’s lives. It includes Gal Gadot’s who will forever remember her song. The actress publicized how the “Formation” singer affected her life even without her presence.