An ex-solider who saved hundreds of people from a Terror Attack in 2013 has been awarded the George Cross medal. Dominic Troulan risked his own life as he brought people away from the carnage and terrorists in Westgate Shopping Center. It is estimated that the ex-solider saved around 200 people.

Dominic Troulan received a phone call from a friend and rushed to help

Dominic received a frantic phone call from a friend who told the ex-special forces soldier that his wife and child were being held up in an armed robbery. Troulan rushed to the scene armed with a 9mm pistol.

However, Troulan did not know he would be walking right into a terror attack. Four heavily armed militants were at Westgate Shopping Center, where Troulan's friend was, and they had opened fire on the crowds.

This event turned out to be a terror attack orchestrated by al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group. This attack would turn into a four-day siege but thanks to the help of Dominic Troulan about 200 people managed to escape. The ex-soldier realized the terrifying situation unfolding around him and spurred to action. He spent the next 6 hours going in and out of the building, bringing 200 people out with him.

The hero has received a medal for his courageous efforts

Dominic Troulan has been awarded the George Cross medal.

It is the highest civilian gallantry medal one can receive. The medal is given to people who carry out "acts of great heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger". Troulan has expressed his gratitude at receiving the medal which is second only to the Victorian Cross.

The ex-soldier has also stated that it reminds him of the devastating memories of that day.

Dominic Troulan is the first civilian to be awarded the George Cross in over 40 years. During his attempts to rescue people during the attack, Troulan was shot at twice by the Islamic terrorists. An official citation about Troulan was released. It stated that: realizing that large numbers of civilians remained trapped while terrorists continued to kill indiscriminately, Troulan re-entered the mall".

Troulan recalls that some people were trying to hide and he had to physically pull them to safety.

When reflecting on the event Troulan stated, even if someone was ex-military they would not be prepared for the carnage at Westgate. In total, 67 people died in the terror attack. Dominic Troulan served in the military for over 30 years and is a loving father of two.