As reported by Blasting News, Saturday saw a brutal Terror Attack in London, where a white van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge, followed by the terror suspects running through the Borough Market area, stabbing people at random. Seven people have been confirmed dead in the incident, while dozens were injured. It didn’t take long for U.S. President Donald Trump to head to Twitter, using the brutal terror attack to promote his controversial travel ban.

Trump sends insensitive tweet following London terror attack

In the tweet Trump said the American people have to be vigilant, smart and tough and that the U.S.

needs the courts to give the people back their rights. As reported by the New York Daily News, he went on to say the travel ban is necessary as an “extra level of safety.”

Trump did, however, follow up on Twitter with a second message, saying the U.S. is there to help London and the U.K.

Trump's first tweet came after he spotted a tweet by the Drudge Report, reporting on initial news coming out of London.

Trump phones U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May following terror attack

Possibly realizing the insensitivity of the U.S. President's initial message, the White House went on to release the wording of a call placed by Trump to U.K.

Prime Minister Theresa May, where he went on to praise the response of the U.K. police and first responders in the incident. Trump went on to offer the full support of the U.S. Government in investigating the terror attack and bringing the terrorists to justice.

Anti-travel ban advocates speak out against Trump’s tweet

The deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Cecillia Wang, responded to Trump’s insensitive tweet by saying people should be outraged when their president exploits a brutal and violent crime to push what she termed a “discriminatory and illegal” policy.

Alison Grimes, the Kentucky Secretary of State, reacted in a similar way to Trump’s tweet by saying the U.S. president should be offering support to what is a vital ally of the U.S., not using a violent terror attack in that country to spread hate and fear.

Trump’s travel ban proposal would affect travelers from seven mainly Muslim countries and has been blocked by the Federal courts. The Trump administration is now pushing for the Supreme Court to reinstate the ban.

London terror attack kills seven and injures 48

In Saturday’s London terror attack, seven people died and 48 were injured after the van plowed into pedestrians on the London Bridge, followed by the terror suspects running through the Borough Market area, stabbing people at random. As reported by CBS News, three male terror suspects were killed by London Metropolitan police following the attack.