Donald Trump has long had a history of controversial behavior with women. During a recent phone call with a world leader at the White House, that controversy continued.

Trump on female report

Just a month before Election Day last year and Donald Trump's entire political campaign was hit with the dreaded October surprise. For the former host of "The Apprentice," the bombshell came in the form of the leaked "Access Hollywood" tape where Trump was caught on audio tape speaking to then host of the show Bill Bush. Trump elaborated on his thoughts about sleeping with married women, while using the "grab em' by the pu**y" remark that quickly became linked to his campaign.

In the weeks that followed, Trump would be accused of various forms of sexual assault by a dozen women, dating back as far as 30 years. The allegations and leaked audio tape was viewed as a campaign-ending moment for the billionaire real estate mogul, but despite this, he was able to weather the storm and go on to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election last November. Fast forward to present day and Trump finds himself dealing with many other problems, ranging from the Russian scandal, to health care, his continuing rhetoric, and his controversial executive orders. While this might be the case, The Hill reported on June 27 that Trump decided to take time away from a call with a world leader to flirt with a female reporter.

In the Oval Office on Tuesday, Donald Trump spoke to Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar as reporters looked on.

During the conversation, Trump paused the conversation to call over a female reporter in the room, instructing her to move forward to his desk. The reporter was Caitriona Perry, the current Washington correspondent for Irish state broadcaster Raidio Teilifis Eireann.

"Where are you from?" Donald Trump asked, before saying, "Go ahead, come here, come here." "We have all of this beautiful Irish press," the president observed.

"She has a nice smile on her face," Trump told Leo Varadkar about Caitriona Perry, before adding, "I bet she treats you well." Perry chuckled as the video showed the president with a giant smile across his face. Later taking to her Twitter account, Perry described the moment as "bizarre."

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While Donald Trump's behavior towards a female reporter is not surprising, it did raise flags of criticism once again. After just six months in office, it appears that Trump will not change his tune regardless of what the critics continue to say about him.