In a report by the director of the U.S Secret Service, it has been revealed that President Donald Trump has been receiving a significant amount of threats every single day.

New Secret Service director reports on threat levels towards the president

The actual figure is around six to eight threats per day, according to the new director of the U.S. Secret Service, Randolph Alles. Now, while any number of threats is significant and is taken very seriously, we were told that this number is no more than what former presidents Barrack Obama and George W.

Bush had in their first terms of office. These threats come in the form of e-mails and social media posts, as well as reports of suspicious activities and statements, a report by CBS News shares.

Director Randolph Alles also stated that every threat against the president are taken seriously and investigated upon by the Service. However in most cases, they find most suspects "lacking in serious intent," some to the point of even "walking back" on their threats. However, details of the more serious cases are forwarded to the U.S Attorney for prosecution. As reported byCBS News, even the comic Kathy Griffin's high-profile stunt, with a photo and a video of her holding the head model of a presumably beheaded Donald Trump, is expected to be investigated.

The new director has big plans for the U.S. Secret Service, now that he has been appointed new director. By 2019, Alles aims to have 7,600 people in the division's employ, and by 2025 he hopes to raise that number to 9,500. Randolph Alles, a 35-year old veteran of the Marine Corps, also stated how impressed he was by the U.S.

Secret Service. He even compared the dedication of his people to that of the Marine Corps.

Trump administration adds to Secret Service problems

Still, the Service is not without its flaws, even though most of these were systemic shortcomings. It was reported that the division is still understaffed, had problems regarding overtime pay, and had low morale over all.

Not to mention the demanding nature of the 9/11 investigation, which apparently affects them to this day. Alles is to be determined to resolve said issues under his term.

Being that the Secret Service already had these problems, he admitted that Trump's rather radical presidency did not help. The current president's Large Family and numerous residences add up to become "bigger issues," as these are mandated to be protected by the Service as well.