President Donald Trump has finally taken the much awaited decision and during his news conference in the Rose Garden at the White House, has clarified that he was withdrawing from the paris climate accord. He had a duty to protect the country and its citizens and, in his opinion, the accord does not fall in the category of a fair deal. If it is recast, the United States could reconsider its decision.

He went on to add that, with immediate effect, the U.S. will dissociate itself from implementation of the accord wherever it has been undertaken.

Reactions of the world

According to Sky News, Theresa May has expressed disappointment at the decision of America to withdraw from the Paris climate accord while countries like France, Germany and Italy have said the question of reconsidering the climate deal does not arise.

White House has claimed that the accord is not a good deal from the point of view of the United States and by his decision, President Donald Trump has stuck to his campaign promise and has ensured that the interests of American workers are not diluted.

The White House put the blame on the regime of the Obama administration for improper negotiation and said that it was signed out of desperation. Since the country is already a world leader in energy production it can ignore any deal that will be harm the interests of American workers and the president is hopeful of arriving at a better deal that will benefit his people.

Only two countries did not take part in the Paris accord of 2015. These were Syria and Nicaragua. Syria had a genuine reason because it was in a civil war and Nicaragua refrained from signing because, in its opinion, the agreement did not go far enough.

About the accord

The Paris climate accord was meant to curb the global emission of greenhouse gases that give rise to global warming and destroy the ecological balance.

A total of 195 nations agreed to take necessary steps to control the greenhouse gases because the carbon dioxide that is generated from burning fossil fuels have far reaching consequences. They are responsible for global warming, rising sea levels, droughts and an increase in the frequency of storms.

Barack Obama was instrumental in brokering the deal and on the latest development on the accord, he has remarked that those who are a part of the Paris Agreement will benefit because it will lead to the creation of new jobs and industries.

He has expressed hope that, even though America has come out of the accord, the people will work in a positive direction to ensure a better future for the coming generations. Incidentally, the United States is second only to China greenhouse gas emissions.

The world needs to be free from gases that leads to global warming, which in turn is responsible for many ills that plague the world. Hence alternative energy is the solution and it can generate employment as well.