As the Russian scandal heats up and pressure mounts on the White House, Donald Trump is doing whatever he can to deflect from the business at hand. In his latest tweetstorm, the president is back on the attack against Barack Obama.

Trump on Obama

Even before Donald Trump announced his plans to run for president, he dipped his toes in the game of politics. Not long after Barack Obama was elected following the historic 2008 election, Trump became one of the leading voices in the birther movement that questioned where the former president was born. Despite evidence debunking the right-wing conspiracy theory, Trump stood by his claim that Obama might not have been born in the United States and that he was faking his birth certificate.

During the 2016 presidential election, Trump used Obama as a political punching bag to help cater to conservative voters, which resulted in his primary victory last summer. After defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election, Trump and Obama appeared to get along during the transition period. The apparent bromance quickly came to an end earlier this year when Trump accused Obama, without evidence, of wiretapping his office in Trump Tower, and once again doubled down during a June 1 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning was Donald Trump who once again did his best to deflect the current scandal plaguing the White House onto Barack Obama and the previous administration.

"The big story is the 'unmasking and surveillance' of people that took place during the Obama Administration," Trump tweeted out. Despite no credible proof to back up his allegation, Trump and his supporters continue to push the conspiracy that Obama spied on the billionaire real estate and many others.

Twitter reacts

Responding to Donald Trump's conspiracy tweet, social media users were quick to fire back at the president.

"No, the big story is the unmasking of the dubious characters close to you, who colluded w/ Russia, in order to make you 'win' the elections," Francis B. Baraan tweeted out.

"Actually the big story today is if you're going to fu*k the planet up or not," Chris York wrote on Twitter.

"Why are you returning the Russian compounds in MD and NY? Obama seized them in response to election tampering? Why are you helping Putin?" author Matthew Dicks tweeted out.

"It's sad you think pointing the finger at Obama is going to distract from the 3-Alarm dumpster fire you've created," another social media user added. The negative reaction to Donald Trump continued as the rift between the political left and right doesn't appear to be going away anytime in the near future.